Lansing Community College

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Lansing Community College

Lansing Community College was established on April 8, 1957, by the Lansing Public Schools. It opened that fall with 425 students and sixteen faculty members. It offered civil mechanical and electronics technologies as well as practical nursing and apprenticeship programs. In 1961 the college began year-round operation. The Lansing Community College District was formed by a vote of area citizens in 1964. The Board of Trustees was organized and six members were elected at that time. The first off-campus learning center was established in 1971. In its thirtieth year of operation. the college provided lifelong education and training in more than two hundred academic programs to a student body numbering over forty-three thousand.
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Erected 1987

Location: 419 North Capital
Lansing, Ingham County

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Latitude: 42.737518, Longitude: -84.553894

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