The General Motors Sit-Down Strike

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The General Motors Sit-Down Strike

Starting December 30, 1936, this building was occupied for forty-four days by striking members of the United Auto Workers. The strikers acting in concert with other plants that were closed or to be closed by sit-downs, asked for recognition of the union as sole bargaining representative for all hourly-rated employees of General Motors Corporation. Court injunctions and threats of eviction by both the sheriff of Genesee County and the Flint Police Department did not sway the strikers from their goal. An agreement was reached in Detroit on February 11, 1937, that changed the relationships between the company and its employees. The settlement led to complete unionization of the auto industry in ensuing years and added stability for the workers and the company.
photo of The General Motors Sit-Down Strike

Replaced in 2008 with Flint Industry / GM Sit Down Strike marker.

Erected 1980

Location: 4300 South Saginaw St.
Flint, Genesee County

Auto Industry
Labor Movement
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Evidence indicates that this Marker is no longer in place.

Latitude: 42.9854842, Longitude: -83.6757159

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