Wardwell House

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Wardwell House

William Buck, an English immigrant farmer, built the main part of this house around 1849. It has fourteen inch thick walls and is the oldest brick house in Grosse Pointe. The rear clapboard addition, built elsewhere dates from the 1880s. Henry Russel an attorney and businessman, bought the house in 1901. In 1912 it became the home of his daughter, Helen Wardwell, and her husband, Harold. She lived here for sixty-five years. In 1977 the property was acquired by the Grosse Pointe Memorial Church as a bequest of Helen Wardwell.
photo of Wardwell House

Erected 1981

Location: 16109 East Jefferson
Grosse Pte Park, Wayne County

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Latitude: 42.379253, Longitude: -82.923931

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