First Quaker Meeting

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First Quaker Meeting

In the 1820's members of the Society of Friends played a key role in the settlement of several Michigan communities. Farmington was founded in 1824 by Arthur Power, a Quaker from Farmington, New York. In 1831 what was apparently Michigan's first formal Quaker Meeting was organized at Farmington. Power in 1832 gave the land for the meeting house and the old Quaker Cemetery located one-half mile west of here on Gill Road. Earlier, in 1828, these Friends opened a school. This industrious group provided the nucleus around which the present city and township developed. The Quakers were also active in the antislavery movement. Farmington had a station on the Underground Railroad.
photo of First Quaker Meeting

Erected 1962

Location: Grand River Ave
Farmington, Oakland County


Latitude: 42.4657023, Longitude: -83.3785432

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