Leverett and Amanda Clapp House

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Leverett and Amanda Clapp House

This Italiante style house was built in 1879-80 for Leverett and Amanda Hampson Clapp, who were among Centreville's most prominant citizens. The 1880 tax rolls listed this house as the most valuable residence in Centreville. Amanda (1840-1931) belonged to one of Centreville's pioneer families and was a social leader, while Leverett (1837-1929) played an important role in public affairs and business. He held many public offices including state land commisioner. Mr. Clapp was also president of the First National Bank, secretary of the Centreville Fruit Preserving Company, and for a half-century, secretary of the Farmers Mutual Fire Insurance Company. The house is listed in the National Register of Historic places.
photo of Leverett and Amanda Clapp House

Erected 2009

Location: 324 W. Main St.
Centreville, Saint Joseph County

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Latitude: 41.92373728, Longitude: -85.5303583

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