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Erected in 1843, this house is among the oldest in Marshall. It came to be known as "Hillside" a name derived fromits prominent location. The house was designed in the Gothic Revival style. Its architecture and landscaping were likely influenced by the design for a "Cottage in the English or Rural Gothic Style" in Cottage Residences, a popular book of house plans by landscape gardener Andrew Jackson Downing that was published in 1842.
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Mary Miller

This house built for local attorney Henry W. Taylor and long owned by the Schuyler family was also home to Mary "Mazie" Miller (1871 - 1941) and her husband, Craig. An outspoken suffragette and Republican political activist, Miller was an early president of the Michcigan League of Women Voters. She resided here from 1905 until her death. During that time, Miller hosted many political luminaries, including future president William Howard Taft as well as state legislators from Lansing.

Erected 2006

Location: 224 W. Prospect
Marshall, Calhoun County

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