Sanford Stone / Weller House

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Sanford Stone

Sanford Stone (1828 - 1888) came to Richmond in 1843. In 1875 he platted "Sanford M. Stone's Addition to the Village of Richmond." which included Jefferson and Washington Streets between Ferguson and Beebe. Stone held many public offices including state representative, village president and county coroner. On this site in 1878, he built an Eastlake style house which sported ornate chimneys and decorative trim in the gables, making it one of Richmond's most elaborate buildings.

Weller House

Mabelle Streibig Weller purchase the former Sanford Stone House in 1920. Built in 1878 in the Victorian era Eastlake Style, the house was reconstructed for Weller and her husband Harold, to reflect the more "modern" Colonial Revival style. The Weller's named the house Roseburn Place for Mabelle's late mother Rose Burns. In 1993 Weller descendants sold the house to a Richmond businessman. Restored during the 1990s, the house remains a Richmond landmark.
photo of Weller House

Erected 1999

Location: Washington @ Stone
Richmond, Macomb County

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