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Lockwood House

This Italian Villa - style house, built in 1853-55 for Isaac Lockwood, is unusually stylish for a farmhouse. Built of Ionia brick, the house has eighteen-inch-thick walls. During the 1930s the house served as a chicken coop and granary and, while owned by Henry and Mary Parker in the 1960s, it survived two tornados. Meticulously restored during the 1990s, the house retains many of its original interior features, including fireplace mantels, paneled windows and a cherry staircase. The house was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1994.
photo of Lockwood House

Lockwood Family

New York State native Isaac Lockwood (1800-1873) came to Marshall in 1831. He owned 480 acres of land. He and his wife Elvira, had eight children. Their sons Peter, Augustus, and Henry were also farmers and like Isacc, who was a deacon in the Presbyterian church, held civic and church offices. Peter and Henry helped supervise construction of a public school that operated under the Lockwood name until 1963. Augustus's son Glenn, who lived across the road from here was the last member of this prominent family to farm in Marshall Township.

Erected 1995

Location: 14011 Verona Rd.
Marshall Township, Calhoun County

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Latitude: 42.281582, Longitude: -85.007461

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