John T. Herrmann House

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John T. Herrmann House

This English Tudor house was built in 1893 for John T. Herrmann, a Lansing tailor. Herrmann immigrated to Lansing from Bernsberg, Germany in 1872 with his wife, Katharine, and two children Henry and Christian, In 1878 John Herrmann opened the Herrmann Merchant Tailor Shop. After Herrmann's death in 1898, his sons took over the business. Designed by Lansing architect J. Arthur Bailey, this house remained in the Herrmann family until Lansing Community College purchased in in 1966 and renamed it the Herrmann Conference Center.
photo of John T. Herrmann House

Erected 1987

Location: 520 North Capital
Lansing, Ingham County

Historic Homes

Latitude: 42.738868, Longitude: -84.553918

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