Saint Joseph Sanitarium and Bath House

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Saint Joseph Sanitarium and Bath House

Opened in 1899, the Saint Joseph Sanitarium and Bath House is the only building remaining from the Mount Clemens bath era. Beginning in 1870, people suffering from rheumatism, blood poisoning, diabetes and skin diseases, among other ailments, sought the curative powers of these baths. The city was hailed as "The Great Health & Pleasure Resort of Michigan." By 1911 the city boasted 78 hotels and 11 bath houses. Elegant and modern, Saint Joseph Sanitarium sported parlors, a library, steam heat, electric lights and a hydraulic elevator. It offered mineral baths until 1952.
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In 1900 the Sisters of Charity of Mount Saint Joseph established a fifty-bed hospital in the Saint Joseph Sanitarium and Bath House, which they operated. That same year Sister Immacualata D'Arcambal, founded one of the first state-licensed nurse training programs here. Saint Joseph's eventually became the major hospital between Detroit and Port Huron. The present structure comprises the original Colonial Revival building designed by local architect Theopholus Van Damme. In 1990 Saint Joseph's was transferred to the Sisters of Mercy.

Erected 1997

Location: 215 North Avenue
Mount Clemens, Macomb County

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