Hawkins Farm

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Hawkins Farm

In 1836 the Hawkins family was among the first to settle in Convis Township. Asahel Hawkins, who had emigrated from Vermont, began with eighty acres of government land and steadily increased his holdings until they reached 240 acres. After his death, his son, Asahel Myron Hawkins, the first white baby born in Convis Township, took over the farmstead. He raised a variety of crops and livestock and held several civic offices, including township supervisor, clerk, highway commissioner and justice of the peace. His son, Schubail Frank Hawkins, ran the farm until 1933. In 1942 the farm was converted to turkey production, and in 1968 the fourth, fifth and sixth generation of Asahel Hawkin's descendants opened a turkey restaurant on the farm.
photo of Hawkins Farm

Erected 1986

Location: 18935 Fifteen and a Half Mile Road
Convis Township, Calhoun County

Historic Homes

Latitude: 42.3475071, Longitude: -84.9956417

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