George W. Lowry House

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George W. Lowry House

Oakland County physician George W. Lowry (1850-1922) purchased this lot and a medical practice from Dr. William A. Upjohn in 1887. In 1892-1894 he built one of Hasting's finest residences, which also housed his medical office. The asymmetrical composition, stately turret, decorative bargeboards and spindlework typify Queen Anne architecture. In 1922 Dr. Haroutoune A. Adrounie (1882-1936) purchased the house and Lowry's practice. Dr. Adrounie's wife, Dorothy, lived in the house until her death in 1988.
photo of George W. Lowry House

Erected 1992

Location: 126 S. Broadway
Hastings, Barry County

Historic Homes

Latitude: 42.648933, Longitude: -85.290638

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