The Bottle House

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The Bottle House

John J. Makinen, Sr., (1871 - 1942) built this house out of over 60,000 pop bottles, most of which came from his business, the Northwestern Bottling Works. The bottles were laid on their sides with the bottom ends to the exterior. A native of Finland, Makinen moved to the area in 1903. He completed the house in 1941, but died before his family moved into it. In 1980 the building was purchased by the Kaleva Historical Society, which renovated it to house the Kaleva Historical Museum
photo of The Bottle House

Erected 1983

Location: 14551 Wuoksi Avenue, near Kauko
Kaleva, Manistee County

Historic Homes

Latitude: 44.373414, Longitude: -86.008635

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