Shroeder House

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Shroeder House

In 1896 John Schroeder built this one and one-half story log home for his family on a farm about a mile west of Freehand. His son George resided there until 1968. Exhibiting hand-hewn, notched white pine logs, boarded gables and a wood shingled roof, the cabin was moved to the Hartley Outdoor Education Center in 1978. Equipped with furnishings from the late nineteenth century, the cabin is a pioneer heritage studies site where students can practice pioneer crafts and skills. The 18' x 26' barn was built in 1981.
photo of Shroeder House

Erected 1982

Location: 12633 Beaver Rd.
St. Charles, Saginaw County

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Latitude: 43.3140117, Longitude: -84.1641569

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