Predmore House

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Predmore House

This Carpenter Gothic style house was built in 1879 for Joshua C. Predmore (1837-1912). A Civil War veteran, Predmore was on guard duty at the White House the night President Lincoln was assassinated. He was mustered out of the service in 1868. Returning to Lake Orion, he became a merchant, running a general store for forty years. Predmore held local offices from village president to councilman and was township clerk at the time of his death. The restored house features three original lattice archways and two oak fireplaces, one in the front parlor and one in the living room.
photo of Predmore House

Erected 1982

Location: 244 North Broadway
Lake Orion, Oakland County

Civil War
Historic Homes

Latitude: 42.786694, Longitude: -83.239881

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