Butler-Boyce House / W. D. Boyce

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Butler-Boyce House

This handsome Italian Villa, with paired arched windows, is adorned with combined cupola and railing. Edward Butler (1814-1881) merchant, banker and first treasurer of Calhoun County, built the residence in 1858 - 1861 on land once owned by authors James Fenimore Cooper. William D. Boyce (1860-1929), founder of the Boy Scouts of America, purchased the house and sixty acres as a summer home in 1894. For many years it was the home of Myron B. and Anne Ells. Mrs. Ells founded the Marshall Historical Society in 1961.
photo of Butler-Boyce House

W. D. Boyce

William D. Boyce, a Chicago publisher, founded the Boy Scouts of America. Boyce first became acquainted with the scouting movement while in London in 1909. He lost his way in the midst of a heavy fog, and was rescued by a Boy Scout who took him to the address he was seeking. Offering the young boy a tip, he was told that Boy Scouts do not accept money for doing a good deed. Impressed by this organization, Boyce returned home with pamphlets, badges and a uniform. He incorporated Boy Scouts of America, now Scouting/USA, on February 8, 1910.

Erected 1979

Location: 1110 Verona Road
Marshall, Calhoun County

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Latitude: 42.2761021, Longitude: -84.9801492

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