Ladies Library Hall

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Ladies Library Hall

The Ladies Library Association was established in 1871 to provide reading material at a small cost to the community. In the beginning the association only allowed married women to be members and charged an annual fee of one dollar. The women of the association were also involved in charitable works, such as giving aid to Northern Michigan victims of fire in 1881. The association built this Italianate structure in 1885 for $1,500. The first floor contained the library, dining room and kitchen. The second floor hall, which includes a stage, continues to be used for plays and community meetings. Dryden Township accepted the building in 1974 and made it the public library.
photo of Ladies Library Hall

Erected 1988

Location: 5480 Main Street
Dryden, Lapeer County


Latitude: 42.945833, Longitude: -83.125833

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