Bigelow-Kuhn-Thomas House

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Bigelow-Kuhn-Thomas House

By 1986 this Greek Revival house was the only privately-owned pre-Civil War house still used as a residence in East Lansing. Horace Bigelow (c. 1822-1891) built it in 1849. According to the 1874 Atlas of Ingham County, Bigelow was "a farmer, stock and wool grower, and a breeder of Essex hogs," He was also a member of the Marble School Board. His daughter, Jennie Kuhn (1853-1925), long-time secretary of the Marble School Board, lived in the house all of her life.
photo of Bigelow-Kuhn-Thomas House

Erected 1987

Location: 334 North Hagadorn Rd
East Lansing, Ingham County

Civil War
Historic Homes

Latitude: 42.734678, Longitude: -84.46222

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