MacKinnon House

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MacKinnon House

Donald C. MacKinnon built this house, said to be one of the oldest frame houses in the area, in the mid-1880s. He came to the vicinity in 1878 with W. H. Seddon, founder of Stambaugh, seeking iron ore. Platting the village of Iron River in 1881, Donald and his brother Alexander filed claims for the first mines, the Nanaimo and the Beta, and helped bring in the railroad in 1882. Donald MacKinnon also served as the first village president. His daughter Sara, born in 1894, married Martin McDonough, an attorney involved in the 1920 "Rum Rebellion" incident.

Erected 1978

Location: 411 North Ninth St.
Iron River, Iron County

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Evidence indicates that this Marker is no longer in place.

Latitude: 46.080007, Longitude: -88.628948

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