Davenport House

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Davenport House

This handsome two-and-a-half story residence, constructed in 1875, was the home of William H. Davenport (1826 - 1909), prominent Saline citizen. In 1851, Davenport entered into a partnership with H. J. Miller in a general store. He bought out Miller's interest in 1853 and became a leading city merchant. Later, Davenport started a private bank in 1885. Since 1902 this bank has been known as the Citizens' Bank of Saline. Well-known Detroit architect William Scott designed Davenport's elegant Second Empire home, built at a cost of $8,500.
photo of Davenport House

Erected 1979

Location: 300 East Michigan Avenue
Saline, Washtenaw County

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Latitude: 42.168764, Longitude: -83.776823

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