Hume House

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Hume House

Built in 1887-89, this massive Queen Anne style house served the Thomas Hume family through four generations. The architecture for this, as well as the Hackley house, was David S. Hopkins of Grand Rapids. The structure behind the two buildings was shared by both families. Known as the City Barn, it reflects the features of each house. Though larger than the Hackley house, the Hume house is less pretentious in detail. One hundred years after completion, the Hackley & Hume Historic Site was administered by the Muskegon County Museum.
photo of Hume House

Thomas Hume

Thomas Hume (1848-1920) was the business partner of Charles H. Hackley from 1881 to 1905. An Irish immigrant, Hume came to Muskegon in 1872 and began working as Hackley's bookkeeper. After Hackley's death, Hume was instrumental in transforming Muskegon from a lumber town to a major manufacturing center. At the time of his death in 1920, he was serving as an officer with the Amazon Knitting Company, Shaw Electric Crane Works, Sargent Manufacturing Company, Chase-Hackley Piano Company, the Stand Malleable Company and the Hackley National Bank.

Erected 1988

Location: 472 West Webster
Muskegon, Muskegon County

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Latitude: 43.2317200, Longitude: -86.2553465

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