Veteran's Hospital No. 100

Veteran's Hospital No. 100 photo of Veteran
World War I created the need for increased medical care for returning soldiers. Veterans Hospital No. 100, a 500-bed neuropsychiatric facility that opened in 1924 on the grounds of Fort Custer, originally consisted of twenty-two Neo-Georgian structures in a crescent shaped arrangement. Like other Veterans Bureau facilities of the time, the hospital was built from standardized floor plans at a cost of nearly three million dollars. When erected on the grounds of Fort Custer, trenches, sand dunes and barren soil dominated the site. Between 1927 and 1930, 9,400 trees were planted on the 675-acre site, including English walnut trees transplanted from the Battle Creek Sanitarium that were originally grown in Mt. Vernon, Virginia.

Photo courtesy of Tom Glowacki

Registered Site S0603
Erected 1991

Location: 5500 Armstrong Road
Battle Creek, Calhoun County

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