Ford Rouge Plant

Ford Rouge Plant photo of Ford Rouge Plant
Henry Ford began construction of this complex on the banks of the River Rouge in April, 1917. Here the Ford Motor Company built World War I submarine chasers known as "Eagle" boats. By the mid-1920s this plant was the largest manufacturing center in the world. The transfer of the assembly line from nearby Highland Park to Dearborn in 1927 fulfilled Ford's vision of an industrial complex which encompassed all aspects of automotive production. The first automobile to be completely assembled here, the Model A, was introduced in December, 1927. The Ford Trade School operated at this location for twenty years until 1946. During World War II, massive amounts of material for air, amphibious, and land transport were produced. Beginning with raw materials, the Ford Rouge plant makes component parts and assembles vehicles.

Registered Site S0493A
Erected 1977

Location: Shaeffer Road, south of I-94
Dearborn, Wayne County

Auto Industry
Commercial Buildings

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