Calvin College and Seminary

Calvin College and Seminary photo of Calvin College and Seminary
These schools are institutions of the Christian Reformed Church, a denomination founded in 1857 in Western Michigan by Dutch immigrants whose religious roots lay in the Calvinist Reformation. The Seminary began in the upper room of a school building on Williams Street, Grand Rapids, in 1876. From 1892 to 1917 it was located on Madison Avenue. Thereafter it was moved to the Franklin Street campus, where Calvin College emerging from its preparatory-school attachment to the Seminary, became in 1921 a four-year degree granting institution. The present campus, Knollcrest Farm, was acquired in 1956. Development of it began in 1959. These related schools, which emphasize liberal arts and theological education, are dedicated to preparing youths for the service of God.

Registered Site S0228
Erected 1965

Location: 3205 Burton Street
Grand Rapids, Kent County

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