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Roswell Everett, a native of New York State, came to Michigan in 1834. In 1841 he moved to Ingham County and immediately involved himself in public affairs. Everett (1790 - 1871) is credited with naming Delphi Township, which he helped organize in 1842. He held many township offices, serving as the first treasurer and assessor, and later as justice of the peace and supervisor. In 1846, Everett hosted a meeting here to organize Delphi Township School District No. 2.
Rosewell Everett House
Roswell Everett built this house in 1841-44. Like many other people who migrated to Michigan from New York State, Everett built his house in the Greek Revival style, which was popular there. Everett hosted official meetings in his home including those of the Delphi District No. 2 School Board. For forty years children met in a schoolhouse located on the property. Lansing's Everett High School is named for the Roswell Everett family.

Registered Site L1990
Erected 1997

Location: 131 West Miller Rd.
Lansing, Ingham County

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