Sidney D. Miller Middle School

Sidney D. Miller Middle School photo of Sidney D. Miller Middle School
Detroit's student population doubled between 1911 and 1921, and school construction surged during that period. Malcomson and Higginbotham, the exclusive architects for Detroit schools from 1894 to 1923, designed this building which opened as a middle school around 1920. Originally Sidney D. Miller School's population was predominantly white, but the racial make-up shifted to mostly black during the 1930s. Many students lived in poverty, but Miller teachers helped the excel academically and succeed profesionally. Miller served as a high school from 1933 to 1957 and maintained an active alumni association. Miller School was an educational haven for African American students on Detroit's lower east side.

Registered Site L1358
Erected 2005

Location: 2322 DuBois
Detroit, Wayne County

Black History

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