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Until the Civil Service reforms of 1883. one became a postmaster through a federal political appointment. Thus, postmasters were usually prominent political leaders of the local community. In 1831 George Ketchum, cofounder of the city of Marshall became this area's first postmaster. In 1833 he was followed by John D. Pierce, who later became Michigan's first state superintendent of public instruction. Through the years a stagecoach operator, a banker, a physician, a mayor and a newspaper publisher have served the community as postmaster.
Howard F. Young
Howard F. Young (1889-1934), a native of Allegan, designed this Marshall Post office building in 1932. Young studied engineering at the University of Michigan and was involved in construction work in Albany, New York, Detroit and Kalamazoo. His interest in restoring Greek Revival architecture is evident in his Marshall Projects, which include the restoration of the Harold C. Brooks and other homes and the conversion of Marshall's livery stable into a town hall. Young also designed the Brooks Memorial Fountain.

Registered Site L0989
Erected 1982

Location: 202 East Michigan Avenue
Marshall, Calhoun County

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