Merrill-Morris House

Merrill-Morris House photo of Merrill-Morris House
Constructed in 1846, this Greek Revival residence was erected just nineteen years after Romulus was first settled. Originally the home of Pioneer Harvey W. Merrill, the house is believed to be the oldest still standing in the city. Large walnut beams, hewn with an adz ( a cutting tool), support the wood frame structure. Small Frieze windows with grills decorate the front entrance. This refined farmhouse became the home of Ray V. Morris and family in 1912.
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The Morris family made several additions to the house and surrounding grounds, including a large barn, which was the center of many social activities for the community. Fire destroyed the barn in later years. In 1931 the family erected a fruit and vegetable stand on the southeast corner of the property. During the 1930s, the family stand attracted hundreds of weekend visitors from Detroit.

Registered Site L0606
Erected 1980

Location: 13880 Huron River Drive
Romulus, Wayne County

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