Currier House

Currier House

Frederick and Mary Currier built this house around 1854, inspired by Orson Fowler's A Home for All, which promoted the octagon form as a healthy place to live. The tall windows, which admit light and air and the five octagonal rooms reflect Fowler's philosophy. The Curriers came to Almont from New England in 1847. A Machinist by trade, Currier (1812 -1900) at one time owned farms and factories, and invested in banking and lumbering. The house is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
photo of Currier House

Registered Site L0392a
Erected 2004

Location: 233 East St. Clair
Almont, Lapeer County

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Latitude: 42.9208106, Longitude: -83.0422371

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