Michigan Historical Markers

The markers on this site are organized by both topical area and by county. Many markers are listed in several areas. Click one of the above buttons to modify the marker list in the left frame.

To explore the markers by area of interest, enter a word or phrase in the search box and click the search button. For example enter 'depot' to find the more than 20 markers containing that word in the text.

See the 'Recent Additions' topic for new markers that have been added.

The text included here is that from the marker. I have corrected only the grammatical and spelling errors that were so apparent as to be offensive. I have added links in the text to other markers where applicable.

The accompanying maps show the general location of the markers. Internet Explorer users will see an arrow indicating the specific location. The Google Maps enable you to switch to a satellite photo view. The GPS coordinates are also provided. Note: these are approximate coordinates, generally indicating the parking location.

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