Alphabetic List of Michigan Historical Markers

County City Title Number Address Year Photo
Alcona Harrisville Greenbush School L0728 Campbell Road west of US-23 1987 X
Haynes Township Town of Alcona L2223 5518 Alcona Rd 2011 X
Lincoln West Harrisville Depot L2045 116 Fiske St. 2001 X
Alger Au Train Lake Superior S0121 Roadside Park 11 Miles West of Munising M-28 1957 X
Au Train Township Paulson House L0176 South of Au Train USFS Road 2278 1972 X
Grand Marais Grand Marais S0240 Along the harbor in Bay Shore Park 1964 X
Grand Marais Pickle Barrel House / The Teenie Weenies S0698 14252 Lake Avenue 2006 X
Munising Lobb House L0259 203 West Onota St. 1980 X
Traunik Mikulich General Store L1460 County Road H-44 1994 X
Allegan Allegan Allegan County S0226 113 Chestnut
Courthouse lawn
1962 X
Allegan Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd L0243 101 Walnut St. 1971 X
Allegan The Second Street Bridge S0549 Second St. 1984 X
Douglas Douglas Union School L1801 130 West Center Street 1998 X
Douglas Dr. Asa Goodrich House L1341 112 Center St. 1988 X
Douglas Dutcher Lodge No. 193 / Douglas L1239 86 Center Street 1997 X
Douglas Francis Metallic Surfboat S0742 130 Center Street 2016 X
Douglas Sarah M. Kirby House L1472 294 West Center St. 1990 X
Fennville Peachbelt Schoolhouse L0609 M-89 and 63rd street 1991 X
Graafschap Graafschap Christian Reformed Church L0483 621 Church St. 1977 X
Holland Ebenezer Reformed Church L0077 5166 Ottogan St. 1979 X
Holland Laketown Township Hall L1811 A-6280 142nd Avenue 2000 X
Holland Old Wing Mission L0070 5298 E. 147th St. 1969 X
Holland Overisel / Overisel Reformed Church L1566 A-4706 142nd Avenue 1988 X
Laketown Township Felt Mansion S0697 6597 138th Street 2010 X
Manlius Township 57th Street Bridge L0589 57th Street 2009 X
Otsego Otsego Methodist Church L2119 223 East Allegan St 2003 X
Overisel Township Oakland Christian Reformed Church L1318 4452 38th St. 1986 X
Plainwell Michigan Paper Company Mill L2273 211 N Main St 2015 X
Saugatuck All Saints Episcopal Church / Gordon Lloyd L0908 252 Grand St. 1983 X
Saugatuck Allegan Road L1906 River Bluff Park East of US-31 overpass 1994 X
Saugatuck Clipson Brewery Ice House / Twin Gables Hotel L1400 900 Lake Street 2000 X
Saugatuck First Congregational Church L1818 296 Hoffman 1992 X
Saugatuck Pier Cove L1628 70th St Between 122nd Ave and 124th Ave 1989 X
Saugatuck Reed's Livery L2172 Culver Street 2007 X
Saugatuck Saugatuck Engine House L1762 Saugatuck City Hall 1991 X
Saugatuck Saugatuck Pump House L2284 735 Park St 2016
Saugatuck Singapore, Michigan S0191 Saugatuck City Hall 1958 X
Saugatuck Warner P. Sutton House L1409 736 Pleasant St. between State and Allegan 2000 X
Wayland Henika Ladies Library L1274 149 S. Main St. 1993 X
Alpena Alpena Alpena City Hall L2103 208 N. First Street 2002 X
Alpena Alpena County Courthouse L0746 720 Chisholm Street 1999 X
Alpena The Daniel Carter Family L1915 211 N First Ave. 1994 X
Alpena First Congregational Church L2066 201 South Second Avenue 1999 X
Alpena Monarch Mill L1973 633 Campbell St 1999 X
Alpena St. Bernard Catholic Church L0990 5th and Chisolm St. 1983 X
Alpena World's Largest Cement Plant S0145 Ford Avenue and Wessel Road 1958 X
Leer Norwegian Lutheran Church / Leer L2271 10430 S Leer Rd 2015 X
Antrim Alden Pere Marquette Rail Road Depot L1429 10670 Coy St. 2009 X
Banks Township Essex L1941 Dennis Road South of Essex Road 1995 X
Bellaire Bellaire-Antrim County Seat L0274 Cayuga (M-88) Between Grove and Court 1974 X
Elk Rapids Elk Rapids Golf Park L2265 724 Ames St 2015 X
Elk Rapids Elk Rapids Iron Company S0292 Ames St. East of US-31 1973 X
Elk Rapids First Methodist Episcopal Church L2297 301 Traverse St 2017 X
Elk Rapids Island House L0548 North Side of River St near Library Park 1989 X
Elk Rapids Township Hall L0059 River St. 1979 X
Jordan Township Brown's School L0662 4473 Marsh Road 1991 X
Jordan Township Saint John Nepomucene Catholic Church L1883 M-32 and St. John Rd 1995 X
Mancelona Township Village of Wetzell L1618 North US-131 and Slatterly Lake Rd. 1989 X
Arenac Omer Omer Masonic Hall L0444 US-23 Downtown 1977 X
Baraga Baraga Keweenaw Bay S0135 State Park 1957 X
Covington Covington Township L2291 13381 Center St 2016 X
Covington Jacob and Anna Leinonen Homestead L2054a Murphy Road 2001 X
L'Anse L'Anse-Lac Vieux Desert Trail L1198 Parking lot of Bishop Baraga Shrine 1985 X
L'Anse Zeba Indian United Methodist Church L0638 Peter Markman Road NE of L'Anse 1979 X
Barry Barryville Barryville L0086 6043 Scott Road 1970 X
Carlton Township Carlton Township Hall L0693 M-43 West of M-66 1981 X
Gull Lake Thomas' Mills L0087 M-43 at North end of Gull Lake 1971 X
Hastings Central School / Central School Auditorium L1819 509 S. Broadway 1993 X
Hastings Early Hastings S0291 220 West State Street 1969 X
Hastings George W. Lowry House L1027 126 S. Broadway 1992 X
Hastings Governor Kim Sigler S0586 220 West State Street 1987 X
Hastings Hastings Mutual Insurance Company S0561 404 East Woodlawn Ave. 1984 X
Hastings McKeown Road Bridge L2021 McKeown Road 1998 X
Hastings Methodist Episcopal Church L1929 300 S. Jefferson 1995 X
Hastings Railroad Depot L0285 222 West Apple Street 1974 X
Hastings Striker House L0088 321 South Jefferson St. 1971 X
Hastings Township Indian Landing - Charlton Park L0215 2545 South Charlton Park Road 1973 X
Hope Township Hope Township District No. 4 School L1049 Brogan and Cedar Creek Roads 1998 X
Middleville John Carveth House L1880 614 W. Main St. 1994 X
Nashville Albert W. Olds House L1435 434 S. Main Street 1995 X
Nashville Putnam Public Library L0801 327 North Main Street 1982 X
Thornapple Township Parmalee United Methodist Church L1367 Parmalee Road at Stimson 1988 X
Thornapple Township Scales' Prairie L0191 Adams and Norris Roads 1972 X
Woodland Township Woodland Town Hall L0340 M-43 and State Street 1984 X
Yankee Springs Township Bowen's Mill L0192 200 Old Mill Road 1972 X
Yankee Springs Township Yankee Springs Inn S0159 Yankee Springs Road North of Duffy Road 1958 X
Bay Bay City Bay City S0043 Wenonah Park, Sixth Street 1957 X
Bay City Beet Sugar S0129 Veteran's Park M-13 1984 X
Bay City Center Avenue L2122a 614 Center Avenue 2003 X
Bay City Center Avenue L2122b Center Ave at Livingston 2003 X
Bay City First Presbyterian Church L2084 805 Center Ave 2000 X
Bay City Frankenlust / St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church L2018 6100 West South Saginaw at Ziegler 2000 X
Bay City James Clements Memorial Airport L0802 614 South River Rd. 1992 X
Bay City Midland Street Commercial District L1927 500-800 Blocks Midland Street 1995 X
Bay City Sage Public Library L0639 100 East Midland Street 1984 X
Bay City Saginaw Bay S0014 Bay City State Park 1956 X
Bay City St. Stanislaus Kostka Roman Catholic Church S0623 1503 Kosciusko 1992 X
Bay City St. Joseph Catholic Church L2109 1005 Third Street 2002 X
Bay City Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Sion Church L1779 501 South Catherine Street 1990 X
Bay City "Ten Hours or No Sawdust" L1413 Water at 6th St. 1987 X
Bay City Thoburn United Methodist Church L1405 1301 Leng Street 1998 X
Bay City Trinity Church L0858 929 Center Avenue 2005 X
Essexville Bay City Boating and Fishing Club L1916 2313 Weadock Hwy 1994 X
Essexville Beet Sugar Industry S0356 1100 Woodside Avenue 1977 X
Frankenlust Twp St. John Evangelical Lutheran / Amelith L2245 1664 Amelith Road 2012 X
Kawkawlin Ogaukawning Church L1526 Euclid Rd at Hidden Road 1990 X
Williams Township Pine Grove Cemetery L1782 4495 South Eleven Mile Rd. 1993 X
Benzie Benzonia Benzonia College S0245 Village Park across US-31 from Mills Community House 1964 X
Benzonia Benzonia Congregational Church L0879 694 Grand Traverse Ave. 1983 X
Benzonia Bruce Catton S0560 891 Michigan Avenue 1984 X
Benzonia Joyfield Cemetery L2138 5490 Benzie Hwy. 2004 X
Benzonia Mills Community House L0468 891 Michigan Avenue 1977 X
Elberta Car Ferries on Lake Michigan S0122 Shore line above loading dock 1958 X
Frankfort First Congregational Church of Frankfort L2296 431 Forest Ave 2017
Frankfort Marquette's Death S0272 Cannon Park 1965 X
Homestead Township Pacific Salmon S0417 15210 US-31 Platte River State Fish Hatchery 1974 X
Berrien Benton Harbor The Fruit Belt S0155 Territorial Road 1958 X
Benton Harbor Morton Cemetery L1285 726 Territorial Road 2016 X
Benton Harbor The Morton House L0037 501 Territorial Road 1964 X
Benton Township Israelite House of David / Mary's City of David S0717 Eastman and East Britain Avenues 2010 X
Berrien Center Union Church and Cemetery L2130 10408 Pokagon Hwy at Painter School Rd. 2003 X
Berrien Springs Andrews University S0250 Labardy Road 1965 X
Berrien Springs Berrien Springs Courthouse HB50 Union and Cass Streets 1970 X
Bertrand Bertrand S0286 Betrand Road at Bond 1957 X
Bertrand Parc Aux Vaches - Madeline Bertrand Park L1363 3088 Adams Road 1987 X
Bertrand St. Joseph's Mission S0260 North of Bertrand Rd at Adams 1964 X
Buchanan Buchanan North & West Neighborhoods L2277 Front and Detroit Strrets 2015 X
Buchanan Downtown Buchanan L2276 Front St at Main St 2015 X
Buchanan Pears Mill L1466 123 S. Oak (behind 114 E. Front) 1989 X
Buchanen Moccasin Bluff L1437 Red Bud Trail 1987 X
Coloma The Coloma Interurban Station L2249 Lions Park, S. Paw Paw St. 2013 X
Harbert Carl Sandburg / Chikaming Goat Farm L2272 Harbert Community Park - Red Arrow Hwy 2015 X
Lakeside Lakeside Inn L2134 15251 Lakeshore Rd 2004 X
New Buffalo New Buffalo Welcome Center L1256 Welcome Center Northbound I-94 1982 X
New Buffalo West Michigan Pike S0718 101 Marquette Drive 2009 X
Niles The Chapin House / Henry Austin Chapin L0475 508 East Main Street 1979 X
Niles Ferry Street School L0477 620 Ferry Street 1980 X
Niles Fort St. Joseph S0004 South Bond St. 1957 X
Niles Four Flags Hotel L1643 404 East Main Street 1990 X
Niles John and Horace Dodge S0655 1724 North Fifth Street 1996 X
Niles John B. Reddick Building L1788 224 Front Street 2003 X
Niles Michigan Central Railroad Niles Depot L1874a 598 Dey Street 1993 X
Niles Michigan Central Railroad Company / Depot L1874 598 Dey Street 2005 X
Niles Morris Chapel Church L0732 Pucker Street and Chapel Road 1981 X
Niles Portage Prairie United Methodist Church L1368 2450 Orange Road 1989 X
Niles Ring Lardner S0339 519 Bond St. 1971 X
Niles Saint Mary's S0344 211 South Lincoln 1971 X
Niles Second Baptist Church L1902 601 Ferry Street 1994 X
Niles Trinity Church L0062 9 South Fourth Street 1966 X
Niles Wesley United Methodist Church L0734 302 Cedar Street 1982 X
Niles Twp Johnson Cemetery L2112 US-31, north of M-140 2003 X
Sodus The Hogue House L1923 3361 Pipestone Rd. 1995 X
St. Joseph Burnett's Post S0234 East of Miller Drive and Langley 1963 X
St. Joseph Fort Miami S0006 Lake Blvd and Ship Street 1957 X
St. Joseph Old St. Joseph Neighborhood L0945 State and Main Streets 1984 X
Three Oaks The Dewey Cannon S0239 Dewey Cannon Park 1963 X
Union Pier Gordon Beach Inn L2179 16220 Lakeshore Road 2009 X
Branch Bronson Bronson Public Library L2090 207 N. Matteson 2000 X
Bronson Township The Chicago Road S0162 Road side park west of Bronson 1958 X
Coldwater Branch County / Branch County Courthouse Site L1642 31 Division St. 1992 X
Coldwater City of Coldwater 1861-1961 L0019 City Park along US-12 at Marshall 1961 X
Coldwater First Presbyterian Church L0657 52 Marshall Street 1987 X
Coldwater Governor Cyrus Gray Luce S0469 Division at East Washington 1976 X
Coldwater H. C. Lewis Art Gallery / Masonic Temple L2258 45 E Chicago St 2014 X
Coldwater Harriet Quimby L1490 Airport parking lot 1988 X
Coldwater Michigan Library Association S0275 10 East Chicago (US-12) 1966 X
Coldwater State Public School at Coldwater S0530 620 Marshall Road 1981 X
Coldwater Wing House Museum S0445 27 South Jefferson 1979 X
Girard Twp Methodist Episcopal Church L2015 126 Marshall Rd 1998 X
Quincy Quincy Public Library L1508 11 North Main 1989 X
Union City First Congregational Church L2190 410 N Broadway St 2007 X
Union City Union City Furnace L0028 South city limits on Coldwater Road 1963 X
Union City Union City Methodist Episcopal Church L1835 200 Ellen St. 1993 X
Calhoun Albion Albion College S0212 Michigan Avenue at Ingham Street 1958 X
Albion Birthplace of "Old Rugged Cross" S0215 1101 East Michigan 1959 X
Albion Birthplace of Famed Song S0216 South Hall 1959 X
Albion The First Home L0013 303 East Erie Street 1960 X
Albion First Presbyterian Church of Albion L1695 305 E. Porter 1992 X
Albion The Gale House L1942 220 W. Mulberry St. 2006 X
Albion Gardner House Museum L0097 509 South Superior 1981 X
Albion Holy Ascension Orthodox Church L0966 810 Austin Avenue 1982 X
Albion Mother's Day in Albion L1723 Ionia and Erie Streets 1990 X
Albion The Observatory S0566 Albion College Campus 1985 X
Albion Riverside Cemetery L1986 1301 S Superior 1997 X
Battle Creek African Methodist Episcopal Church L1841 364 West Van Buren 1993 X
Battle Creek Battle Creek City Hall L1103 103 East Michigan 1989 X
Battle Creek Battle Creek Community College L2231 100 West Van Buren Street 2012 X
Battle Creek Battle Creek House L0008 2 West Michigan 1959 X
Battle Creek Battle Creek No. 4 Fire Station L1823 175 South Kendall 1995 X
Battle Creek Battle Creek Post Office S0405 67 East Michigan Ave 1989 X
Battle Creek Battle Creek Sanitarium S0597 74 North Washington Avenue 1990 X
Battle Creek Battle Creek Sanitarium / Percy Jones Hospital S0596 74 North Washington Avenue 1990 X
Battle Creek Beckley Cemetery L0211 Helmer and Beckley Roads 1973 M
Battle Creek Beckley School L0082 3019 Beckley Road 1970 X
Battle Creek C.W. Post / C.W. Post Monument L2115 Monument Park 2003 X
Battle Creek Cereal Bowl of America S0131 Capital Ave NE, Bailey Park Entrance 1958 X
Battle Creek Del Shannon / "Runaway" S0616 45 Capital Avenue SW 1990 X
Battle Creek Erastus Hussey / Working for Humanity S0637 East Michigan Avenue 1992 X
Battle Creek First Baptist Church L0009 80 East Michigan Avenue 1960 X
Battle Creek Independent Congregational Church L2199 145 Capital Ave NE 2008 X
Battle Creek James and Ellen White L1252 255 South Avenue (Oak Hill Cemetery) 1986 X
Battle Creek Kellogg Community College L2232 450 North Avenue 2012 X
Battle Creek Kimball House Museum L0469 196 Capital Avenue 1986 X
Battle Creek The Log Schoolhouse L0007 East State and Monroe 1959 X
Battle Creek Methodism in Battle Creek L0005 114 East Michigan Avenue 1959 X
Battle Creek Michigan Central Depot S0317 West Van Buren (Clara's Restaurant) 1989 X
Battle Creek Postum Cereal Company / Factory S0678 245 Cliff Street 2003 X
Battle Creek St. Thomas Episcopal Church L0006 72 Capital Avenue NE 1959 X
Battle Creek Second Baptist Church L2082 485 N. Washington Street 2000 X
Battle Creek Seirn B. Cole House L1369 276 Capital Avenue NE 1988 X
Battle Creek Seventh-day Adventists S0218 Washington at Van Buren 1960 X
Battle Creek St. Philip Roman Catholic Church L2240 112 Capital Avenue NE 2012 X
Battle Creek Union Pump Company L1225 4600 W. Dickman Street 1985 X
Battle Creek Veteran's Hospital No. 100 S0603 5500 Armstrong Road 1991 X
Battle Creek W. K. Kellogg / Kellogg Company S0541 Not available to the public
235 Porter St.
1981 X
Battle Creek Ward Mill Site / Ward Building Site L1792 Capital Avenue North of State 1991 X
Clarence Township Duck Lake School L2157 26 1/2 Mile Road at U Drive 2005 X
Convis Township Bryant Farm L0591 12557 L Drive North 1978 X
Convis Township Stow - Hasbrouck House L1169 18600 Sixteen Mile Road 1985 X
Convis Township Hawkins Farm L1253 18935 Fifteen and a Half Mile Road 1986 X
Fort Custer Michigan In World War I / Camp Custer S0748 2501 26th St 2017
Homer First Presbyterian Church L0934 309 South Sophia Street 1985 X
Homer Homer Fire Station L0439 128 East Main Street 1977 X
Marengo Marengo Pioneer Cemetery L0001 Twenty-one Mile Road south of West Michigan Avenue 1959 X
Marshall American Museum of Magic L1240 107 East Michigan Avenue 1985 X
Marshall Butler-Boyce House / W. D. Boyce L0690 1110 Verona Road 1979 X
Marshall Calhoun County Fair L0196 Fair St and Washington Ave. 1972 X
Marshall Capitol Hill School L0113 603 Washington Street 1973 X
Marshall Charles T. Gorham S0491 124 West Michigan 1977 X
Marshall First Baptist Church L1226 305 West Michigan Ave. 1986 X
Marshall Calhoun County's First Courthouse / Brooks Memorial Fountain L2287 Michigan Ave and Kalamazoo Ave 2017 X
Marshall Gauss Ice House / Ice Harvesting L2267 906 S Marshall 2015 X
Marshall Governor's Mansion L0197 621 South Marshall Avenue 1972 X
Marshall Grand Army of the Republic / The G. A. R. Hall L1051 East Michigan at Exchange 1983 X
Marshall Harold C. Brooks / Fitch Gorham Brooks House S0512 310 North Kalamazoo Avenue 1977 X
Marshall Hillside / Mary Miller L2161 224 W. Prospect 2006 X
Marshall Honolulu House HB42 107 North Kalamazoo Ave 1972 X
Marshall Horace Perrin / Perrinville L2207 906 S Marshall 2009 X
Marshall The Interurban / Interurban Depot L2247 220 West Michgan Aveneue 2013 X
Marshall Isaac Crary and John Pierce / State School System S0503 100 East Green Street 1978 X
Marshall Isaac E. Crary House S0397 107 North Park Street 1973 X
Marshall James A. Miner L0898 156 West Michigan Avenue 1981 X
Marshall Jeremiah Cronin. Jr. House / John Bellairs L1859 407 North Madison 1992 X
Marshall John D. Pierce Homesite S0454 314 West Mansion 1975 X
Marshall Ketchum Park L0198 South Marshall Street at Montgomery 1972 X
Marshall Lieutenant George A. Woodruff L0654 614 Dibble Street (Oak Ridge Cemetery) 1979 X
Marshall Marshall S0375 Town Square, West Michigan Ave 1972 X
Marshall National House L0434 102 South Parkview 1977 X
Marshall The Old Stone Barn L0216 323 West Michigan Avenue 1973 X
Marshall Oliver C. Comstock Jr. L0783 203 South Marshall Avenue 1980 X
Marshall Pioneer School L1393 200 West Mansion 1987 X
Marshall Postmasters / Howard F Young L0989 202 East Michigan Avenue 1982 X
Marshall Railroad Union Birthplace L0282 633 West Hanover 1974 X
Marshall Sam Hill House L0283 139 West Mansion Street 1974 X
Marshall Samuel Coleman House L2009 923 Willow St. at Homer 2000 X
Marshall Schellenberger Tavern L0473 507 West Hanover 1977 X
Marshall Schuler's L0458 115 South Eagle Street 1977 X
Marshall Sidney Ketchum / Marshall House L0784 100 Exchange Street 1980 X
Marshall Thomas J. O'Brien L1794 117 East Michigan Avenue 1991 X
Marshall Trinity Episcopal Church / Montgomery Schuyler L0786 101 East Mansion Street 1980 X
Marshall William W. Cook L0218 603 North Kalamazoo 1973 X
Marshall Township Lockwood House / Lockwood Family L1843 14011 Verona Rd. 1995 X
Sheridan Township The Starr Commonwealth Schools / Floyd Starr S0544 Starr Commonwealth Road (26 Mile) 1982 X
Tekonsha Harvey Randall House L1473 103 East North Street 1991 X
Tekonsha Tekonsha Village Jail L1912a 111 East Canal Street 1997 X
Cass Calvin Township Chain Lake Baptist Church and Cemetery L1352 Chain Lake Rd near Calvin Ctr 1992 X
Cassopolis Cass County Courthouse L0487 110 North Broadway 1977 X
Dowagiac St. Paul's Church / Episcopal Church L1028 306 Courtland Street 1984 X
Edwardsburg The Presbyterian Church L2079 68961 Lake St. between US-12 and Church St. 2000 X
Mason Township District School House L0821 17049 US-12 1981 X
Milton Township Smith's Chapel L0652 Redfield Rd between Brush and Fir 1981 X
Newberg Township Poe's Corners L1817 Patterson Hill Road and Born Street 1991 X
Pokagon "Old Rugged Cross" / Methodist Episcopal Church L0668a 31294 East Street 2000 X
Pokagon Township Sumnerville Mounds / Sumnerville Cemetery S0667 Wood Road and Pokagon Highway 2000 X
Silver Creek Twp First Methodist Episcopal Church L1977 31944 Middlecrossing Rd. 1999 X
Silver Creek Twp Indian Lake Cemetery L1724 School Rd 2013 X
Silver Creek Twp Sacred Heart of Mary Catholic Church L0348 Leach and Priest Rds 1977 X
Vandalia The Underground Railroad S0137 Bonine Elk Park M-60 1957 X
Volinia Township Newton House L0367 10689 Marcellus Highway 1977 X
Charlevoix Boyne City Boyne City United Methodist Church L1443 324 South Park Street 1989 X
Charlevoix Charlevoix Depot L1948 Chicago Avenue and Coast Guard Dr. 1996 X
Charlevoix First Congregational Church L1930 101 State Street 2011 X
Charlevoix Horace S. Harsha House L1776 103 State St 1991 X
Charlevoix Mormon Kingdom S0136 City Dock Park 1957 X
Hayes Township Greensky Hill Mission L0026 County Road 630 1964 X
Hayes Twp. Big Rock Point Nuclear Power Plant S0701 Adams Road Side Park 2007 X
Horton Bay Horton Bay S0463 Lake Street and Boyne City Road 1977 X
Norwood Norwood Township Hall L1988 19759 Lake Street 1997 X
South Arm Twp John and Eva Porter Estate L2004 1787 South SR66 Hwy 1999 X
St James, Beaver Island Holy Cross Church L2251 King's Highway at Bonner 2013 X
St. James, Beaver Island Mormon Print Shop HB32 Forrest and Main Street 1957 X
Walloon Lake Hemingway at Walloon Lake S0722 Melrose Twp Park 2010 X
Cheboygan Cheboygan Jacob J. Post House L1622 528 South Huron 1990 X
Cheboygan Jail and Sheriff's Residence L2056 404 South Huron St. 2004 X
Cheboygan Newton-Allaire House L0747 337 Dresser St. 1989 X
Cheboygan Old Cheboygan County Courthouse L0417 229 Court Street 1980 X
Cheboygan St. Mary's Church L0899 120 North D Street 1987 X
Indian River Inland Waterway S0127 Burt Lake State Park 1957 X
Indian River Peter L. Brisbine House L1793 7332 Argonnaut Trail 1992 X
Mackinaw City Mackinaw City L1414 Marina Park 1987 X
Mackinaw City Mackinaw City Railroad Dock S0707 State Railroad Docks, S.Huron 2008 X
Mackinaw City Michigan State Car Ferries S0670 321 S. Huron next to Conkling Heritage Park 2001 X
Mackinaw City Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse S0377 Michilimackinac State Park, East of bridge 1972 X
Mackinaw City USCG Cutter Mackinaw WAGB 83 S0708 State Railroad Dock 2008 X
Mackinaw Township Old Mill Creek L1154 State Park 1984 X
Wolverine Michigan Central Depot L1696 100 Railroad St. 1991 X
Chippewa DeTour Village DeTour Reef Light Station L2252 MDOT scenic parking area on M-134 2013 X
Drummond Island Fort Drummond S0109 East of Ferry Dock 1977 X
Neebish Island Johnston Homesite L0389 Sailor's Encampment Rains Island 1975 X
Sault Ste. Marie Central Methodist Church L1892 111 East Spruce St. 1993 X
Sault Ste. Marie Elmwood HB06 417 Water Street 1977 X
Sault Ste. Marie Fort Brady S0088 Water Street 1957 X
Sault Ste. Marie John Johnston House HB34 415 Water Street 1977 X
Sault Ste. Marie Lake Superior State College L0382 West Easterday Rd 1976 X
Sault Ste. Marie Larke Road L0986 Three Mile Rd east of I-75 1982 X
Sault Ste. Marie Methodist Indian Mission L0633 near Rotary Park and turnoff to Sugar Island Ferry, Riverside Dr. 1979 X
Sault Ste. Marie New Fort Brady S0305 LSSU Library Parking lot 1976 X
Sault Ste. Marie St. Marys Pro-Cathedral S0595 320 East Portage Avenue 1990 X
Sault Ste. Marie Sault Ste. Marie S0029 Rest Area on NB I-75 south of the city. 1965 X
Whitefish Township Emerson L0725 M-123 south of Tahquamenon River 1980 X
Whitefish Township Post Office L0724 Whitefish Point and Wildcat Roads 1979 X
Whitefish Township Shelldrake L0727 Old Shelldrake Rd. 1980 X
Whitefish Township Whitefish Point Lighthouse L0272 End of Whitefish Point Rd. 1974 X
Whitefish Township Whitefish Township L1733 M-123 1990 X
Clare Clare Clare Congregational Church L1909 110 W. Fifth St. 1994 X
Clare Michigan Petroleum Industry S0130 US-27 Rest Area North of Clare 1961 X
Harrison Harrison L0635 Lake Street and Budd Lake 1979 X
Hatton Twp. Logging Railroads S0028 Roadside Park Old US-27 1957 X
Clinton Bath Bath School Disaster S0631 Memorial Park 1992 X
DeWitt Gunnisonville L0449 Clark and Wood Roads 1979 X
DeWitt Gunnisonville United Methodist Church L0449I Clark and Wood Roads 1988 X
DeWitt Philip Orin Parmalee L0566 Capital City Airport 1979 X
Duplain Rochester Colony L0083 Maple Road North of Colony Road 1970 X
Eagle Joshua Simmons II L0347 North Eagle Cemetery Grange Road 1974 X
Greenbush Township Greenbush United Methodist Church L1370 Scott and Marshall Roads 1988 X
Lansing Michigan's Capitol S0268 East bound I-96 Rest Area 1965 X
Ovid George D. Sowers House L1718 131 East Williams St. 1999 X
Ovid Village of Ovid / First Congregational Church L0114 222 Maiin Street 1985 X
St. Johns Paine-Gillam-Scott House L0765 106 Maple Street 1998 X
St. Johns St. John's Church L0880 Mead and Walker Streets 1990 X
Westphalia Westphalia Settlement / St. Mary's Parish L1325 201 North Westphalia Street 1986 X
Crawford Grayling Chief Shoppenagon / Shoppenagon's Homesite L0757 Bus 75 and Au Sable River 1981 X
Grayling Michelson Memorial United Methodist Church L2270 400 E Michigan Ave 2015 X
Grayling Michigan Grayling S0144 North Down River Rd. 1958 X
Grayling Officer's Club S0508 Bldg 311 Howe Road 1980 X
Grayling Return of Kirtland's Warbler S0709 North Bound I-75 Rest Area 2009 X
Grayling 32nd Red Arrow Division S0499 Camp Grayling Entrance 1977 X
Higgins Lake Beginning of State Reforestation S0143 North Higgins Lake State Park, County Road 203 1958 X
Lovells Twp. The Douglas House / Thomas E. Douglas L2088 6122 E. County Road 612 2001 X
Delta Escanaba Charles Brotherton / House L1789 606 Ogden Avenue 2017 X
Escanaba Escanaba River L0063 Pioneer Trail Park west side US-2 1968 X
Escanaba Little Bay De Noc S0147 Ludington Street Dock 1958 X
Escanaba Ludington Hotel L0881 223 Ludington Street 1990 X
Escanaba Sand Point Lighthouse / Squaw Point Boathouse L2193 16 Water Plant Road 2007 X
Mason Township Indian Trail S0281 West side of Cty Rt 509 North of US-2 and South of Bill's Creek 1968 X
Dickinson Iron Mountain Ardis Furnace L0148 1555 N. Stephenson (behind Comfort Inn) 1972 X
Iron Mountain Carnegie Library L0501 300 Ludington Street 1979 X
Iron Mountain Cornish Pump S0273 Kent St and Kimberly Ave 1983 X
Iron Mountain Dickinson County / Courthouse and Jail L0563 700 South Stephenson 2000 X
Iron Mountain Mary Immaculate of Lourdes Church L0661 500 East Blaine Street 1990 X
Norway Norway Spring L0066 US-2 West of Norway 1966 X
Quinnesec Menominee Iron Range S0085 US-2 one mile east of Quinnesec 1958 X
Eaton Bellevue Bellevue Gothic Mill L0257 218 E Mill Street 2016 X
Charlotte Eaton County S0190A 100 West Lawrence (Court House Square) 1959 X
Charlotte Eaton County Courthouse Square S0190B 100 West Lawrence (Court House Square) 1994 X
Charlotte 1845 Eaton County Courthouse L1719 1305 S. Cochran 1991 X
Charlotte First Congregational Church of Charlotte L0187 106 South Bostwick at Lawrence 1978 X
Charlotte Joseph and Mary Hall House L2076 320 West Harris Avenue 2000 X
Charlotte Lawrence Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church L2154 210 E. Lawrence Ave 2006 X
Charlotte Luren D. Dickinson / The Country Capitol S0691 1375 Brookfield Road 2006 X
Chester Twp Gresham United Methodist Church L1489 5055 Mulliken Rd. 1989 X
Delta Mills Delta Mills L0201 Delta Mills, Old River Trail 1972 X
Delta Mills Delta Mills Schools L1080 6816 Delta River Dr. 1983 X
Delta Township Delta Township L1458 7710 West Saginaw Highway 1987 X
Dimondale First Presbyterian Church L0390 162 Bridge St. 1975 X
Dimondale Underhill Store L0246 106 Jefferson 1974 X
Eaton Rapids Austin Blair S0558 248 South Main 1984 X
Eaton Rapids Hamlin District No. 15 School L1802 10248 Kinneville Rd. 1992 X
Eaton Rapids Irving and Janet Reuter House L1824 677 S. Michigan Road 1992 X
Eaton Rapids Island Park L0286 Grand River Downtown 1974 X
Eaton Rapids Miller Dairy Farm No. 1 S0692 635 E. State 2007 X
Eaton Rapids Parma and Sheridan No. 7 School L1105 635 State Rd. 1993 X
Eaton Rapids Red Ribbon Hall L0361 314 South Main 1975 X
Eaton Rapids Reynolds-Horner House L1935 107 King Street 1996 X
Eaton Rapids "Saratoga of the West" L0360 101 South Main 1975 X
Eaton Rapids VFW National Home S0604 3573 Waverly Rd. 1992 X
Eaton Township Center Eaton United Methodist Church L1371 2145 Narrow Lake Rd. 1987 X
Grand Ledge Blake's Opera House L1943 121 S. Bridge Street 2000 X
Grand Ledge Fitzgerald Park L0593 3808 Grand Ledge Highway 1979 X
Grand Ledge Governor Frank D. Fitzgerald Home S0511 219 West Jefferson 1979 X
Grand Ledge Grand Ledge Chair Company L1644 101 Perry St. 1990 X
Grand Ledge Second Island L0592 Second Island, Grand River 1979 X
Lansing Delta Center Methodist Church L1120 7533 W. St. Joseph 1984 X
Olivet First Congregational Church L1913 College and East Streets 1998 X
Olivet Olivet College S0186 College Ave. and Main St. 1960 X
Potterville Potterville United Methodist Church L1296 105 N. Church St. 1987 X
Sunfield G. A. R. Hall L0735 115 Main St. 1987 X
Vermontville First Congregational Church HB54 341 South Main St. 1970 X
Vermontville Opera House L0435 219 South Main 1978 X
Vermontville Vermontville Academy HB55 North Main and East Main St. 1970 X
Vermontville Vermontville United Methodist Church L1218 108 North Main St. 1986 X
Emmet Alanson W.W. Fairbairn L2139 7537 Burr Ave 2004 X
Bay View Bay View / Bayview Association S0151A near Evelyn Hall 1997 X
Bay View Stafford's Bay View Inn S0151 2011 Woodland Ave and US-31 1977 X
Bliss Bliss Pioneer Memorial Church L0778 Sturgeon Bay Trail west of County Rd 81 1981 X
Bliss Pioneer Picnic Park L0142 Lark's Lake Park 1971 X
Cross Village Twp The Legs Inn S0612 6425 Lakeshore 2003 X
Good Hart St. Ignatius of Loyola Church and Cemetery L0491 101 North Lamkin Road 2013 X
Harbor Springs Andrew J. Blackbird House S0352 368 East Main St. 2000 X
Harbor Springs Ephraim Shay S0248 Main and Judd St 1970 X
Harbor Springs GR & I Railroad Depot L2165 111 West Bay St 2006 X
Harbor Springs Harbour Inn L0355 1157 Beach Rd 1977 X
Harbor Springs Holy Childhood of Jesus School S0259 West Main and State St. 1974 X
Mackinaw City Fort Michilimackinac / StatePark S0011 Michlimackinac State Park 1958 X
Mackinaw City Michigan's First Jewish Settler S0249 Fort Michlimackinac State Park 1964 X
Oden Passenger Pigeons S0138 US-31, Crooked Lake State Fish Hatchery 1957 X
Petoskey Hotel Perry L2067 100 Lewis 1999 X
Petoskey Little Traverse Bay S0166 West side of US-31 between Petoskey and Bay View 1959 X
Petosky Hiawatha Pageant S0736 4505 Hiawatha Trail 2015 X
Petosky St. Francis Solanus Indian Mission L0133 500 West Lake Street 2015 X
France St. Nicolas-de-la-Grave Cadillac Museum / Musee Cadillac S0564 Lamothe Cadillac Avenue 1984 X
Genesee Argentine Twp Argentine Township Cemetery L1510 8290 Silver Lake Rd 2015 X
Clio Clio Depot L0586 West Vienna Rd at CSX tracks 1985 X
Fenton Dibbleville L0267 S Leroy at E Shiawasse 1977 X
Fenton Fenton House L0164 320 North Leroy 1972 X
Fenton Fenton United Methodist Church L1387 119 South Leroy Street 1989 X
Fenton Old Prospect Hill Cemetery L2058 South Davis St 2000 X
Fenton Saint Jude's Episcopal Church L2019 106 East Elizabeth St. 1999 X
Flint Applewood Estate S0513 1400 East Kearsley Street 2016 X
Flint Berston Field House L1914 3300 N. Saginaw St. 1994 X
Flint Buick Motor Company S0644 902 East Hamilton 1994 X
Flint Charles W. Nash L1397 307 Mason Street 1988 X
Flint Civic Park Historic District S0543 Welch and Brownell 1982 X
Flint Community Presbyterian Church L0926 2505 Chevrolet Avenue 1982 X
Flint Court Street United Methodist Church L0736 225 West Court Street 1986 X
Flint First National Bank of Flint L0848 S. Saginaw St. at W. 1st St. 2006 X
Flint Flint Industry / GM Sit Down Strike S0497 4300 South Saginaw St. 2008
Flint Flint Road Cart Factory / Durant Dort Carriage Factory L1395 311 Water Street 1988 X
Flint The Flint Sit-Down S0497B South Chevrolet Avenue 1980 X
Flint The Flint Sit-Down S0497C 300 South Chevrolet Avenue 1980 X
Flint The General Motors Sit-Down Strike S0497A 4300 South Saginaw St. 1980 X
Flint Genesee County Courthouse L1678 920 South Saginaw St. 1989 X
Flint Glenwood Cemetery S0593 2500 West Court Street 1989 X
Flint Henry Howland Crapo / Willson Park S0579 First and Clifford Avenues 1988 X
Flint Jacob Smith / Fred A. Aldrich L1396 221 West First Avenue 1986 X
Flint Masonic Temple L0911 700 Block, South Saginaw St. 2004 X
Flint Mason's Tavern L1132 5045 Stanley Rd 1986 X
Flint Oak Park Methodist Episcopal Church L1861 2125 North Saginaw 1997 X
Flint Paterson-Sutherland House L1478 402 East Third 1988 X
Flint Quinn Chapel AME Church L2085 2101 Lippincott Blvd at McPhail 2001 X
Flint Resisting Slavery / Robert J. Cromwell L2150 920 South Saginaw 2005 X
Flint Robert Aitken Farm House L1121 1110 North Linden Rd 1984 X
Flint St. Michael Roman Catholic Church L1491 609 East Fifth Avenue 1988 X
Flint St. Paul's Episcopal Church L0371 711 South Saginaw St. 1977 X
Flint Sarah Emma Edmonds / Franklin Thompson S0639 Next to courthouse 1992 X
Flint Stockton House / Thomas Stockton L2140 720 Ann Arbor St. 2005 X
Flint Superintendent's Cottage / Michigan School for the Deaf L0262 1301 West Court Street 1998 X
Flint "Vehicle City" S0180 1101 South Saginaw 1961 X
Flint W. C. Durant / Durant-Dort Carriage Company L0343 316 West Water 1978 X
Flint Whaley House / Robert J. Whaley L0502 624 East Kearsley 1982 X
Flushing Amos Woodruff / Amos Woodruff House L1807 311 E. River Rd. 1992 X
Flushing First Methodist Episcopal Church L1872 413 E. Main St. 1992 X
Flushing Harrison Homestead L0221 1570 Main St. 1973 X
Flushing Twp Brent Creek United Methodist Church L0904 10412 West Mount Morris Rd. 1982 X
Forrest Township West Forest United Methodist Church L0798 7297 E. Farrand Rd. 1992 X
Gaines Gaines Depot / Village of Gaines L2289 103 W Walker St 2017 X
Grand Blanc The Buick Open S0715 G-9057 South Saginaw 2009 X
Grand Blanc Congregational Church L0935 203 East Grand Blanc Rd. 1982 X
Grand Blanc Davison Farmstead L1138 3305 East Hill Rd. 1988 X
Grand Blanc First Baptist Church L0300 6101 South Saginaw 1976 X
Grand Blanc Grand Blanc Consolidated School L2230 11920 S. Saginaw St 2013 X
Grand Blanc Township William Ray Perry House L1680 6025 Perry Rd. 1989 X
Linden Linden Historic District L2177 110 West Broad Street 2006 X
Linden Linden Mills L0160 Tincknor St. 1979 X
Linden Linden Presbyterian Church L1263 119 West Broad St. 1985 X
Linden Linden Presbyterian Church L1267 119 West Broad Street 1985 X
Montrose Methodist Episcopal Church L1879 158 E. State 1993 X
Mt Morris First United Methodist Church L1444 808 Genesee Street 1988 X
Mt Morris Voiture 1116 40 ET 8 L1166 G-3255 East Mount Morris Rd. 1985 X
Otisville E. S. Swayze Drugstore L2180 107 East Main Street 2010 X
Otisville Laing-Mason House L2191 12420 N. State Rd 2007 X
Otisville Smith Hill Cemetery L1753 10082 N. State Rd. 1993 X
Swartz Creek Miller - Holland House L1215 5023 Holland Drive 1986 X
Gogebic Bessemer Township Gogebic Iron Range S0083 US-2 one mile east of Bessemer 1958 X
Erwin Twp Erwin Central School L2237 N8908 VanBuskirk Rd 2012 X
Ironwood Copper Peak: Chippewa Hill L0292 North Black River Valley Parkway 1974 X
Ironwood Curry House L0560 631 East McLeod Ave. 1978 X
Ironwood Ironwood City Hall L0399 McLeod and Norfolk St. 1977 X
Ironwood Newport Hill S0523 Across from No. 1 Newport Heights 1979 X
Ironwood Norrie Park L0012 Norrie Park Rd 1960 X
Grand Traverse Fife Lake Fife Lake Union District No. 1 Schoolhouse L1123A 5020 Fife Lake Road 2001 X
Interlochen Interlochen S0225 Interlochen Music Camp 1962 X
Old Peninsula Twp. Hesler Log House L2059 Old Mission Point Lighthouse Park 2001 X
Peninsula Twp Dougherty Mission House S0739 18459 Mission Road 2016 X
Traverse City City Opera House L0162 112 Front St. 1985 X
Traverse City Congregation Beth El L0421 312 South Park St. 1977 X
Traverse City Friends Meetinghouse L2181 208 South Oak 2007 X
Traverse City Grand Traverse Bay S0042 Clinch Park 1957 X
Traverse City Grand Traverse County Courthouse L0297 Boardman and Washington Streets 1986 X
Traverse City Hannah and Lay Mercantile Building L2238 107 E Front Street 2012
Traverse City Ladies Library Association L1309 2216 Cass Ave 1987 X
Traverse City Novotny's Saloon L0737 423 South Union Street 1980 X
Traverse City Park Place Hotel L1746 300 East State Street 1991 X
Traverse City Traverse City Regional Psychiatric Hospital S0573 Division and Eleventh 1985 X
Gratiot Alma Alma College / Old Main Fire S0181 700 West Superior 1961 X
Alma Michigan Masonic Home S0567 1200 Wright Ave 1986 X
Breckenridge Saginaw and Gratiot County State Road / Saginaw Valley and St. Louis Railroad L1966 124 Saginaw Street 1996 X
Breckinridge Drake House L2214 328 East Saginaw Street 2009 X
Ithaca Gratiot County S0176 Center St. Courthouse Square 1958 X
Ithaca Henry R. Pattengill L2224 171 W. Center St. 2011 X
Ithaca Jackson Weller House L1703 129 West Center St. 1992 X
Riverdale Lumberjack Park L0545 Lumberjack Rd north of M-46 1982 X
Hillsdale Allen Captain Moses Allen L1899 Allen Village Park 1994 X
Hillsdale Baw Beese Lake / Sandy Beach L2290 300 Waterworks Dr 2017 X
Hillsdale Camp Woodbury / Lewis Emery Park L2299 2020 State Road 2017
Hillsdale College Baptist Church L1275 204 North Manning 1987 X
Hillsdale Hillsdale S0294 Courthouse Square, Broad St. 1969 X
Hillsdale Hillsdale College S0230 Campus 1968 X
Hillsdale St. Anthony's Catholic Church L1645 11 North Broad St. 1991 X
Hillsdale Saint Peter's Episcopal Church L1985 3 North Broad Street 1997 X
Jonesville Grace Episcopal Church L0084 360 East Chicago Street 1972 X
Jonesville Grosvernor House L0500 211 Maumee Street 1978 X
Jonesville J.J. Deal & Son Carriage Factory L2293 117 West St 2016
Litchfield Congregational Church of Litchfield L0814 203 North Chicago Street. 1984 X
Litchfield Twp Wayside Memorial Park L2282 M-99 South 2016 X
Moscow Michigan and Ohio Railroad Depot L1310 7324 E. Chicago Road 2000 X
Scipio Township Mosherville Church / Mosherville School L0653 North Street 1980 X
Somerset Center W. H. L. McCourtie / W. H. L. McCourtie Estate S0624 US-12 Near Jackson Rd. 1994 X
Houghton Calumet Calumet Theatre L0112 340 Sixth St. 1973 X
Calumet Italian Hall L1337 Seventh and Elm St. 1987 X
Calumet St. Paul the Apostle Church L1089 301 Eighth Avenue 1986 X
Calumet Suomi Synod L1714 Faith Lutheran Church Depot and Laurium 1990 X
Hancock Hancock / Town Hall and Fire Hall L0519 399 Quincy Street 1999 X
Hancock Suomi College / Old Main S0211 601 Quincy St. 1991 X
Houghton Birth Of Professional Hockey / The Amphidrome S0690 Dee Stadium, 700 E. Lakeshore Drive 2006 X
Houghton Grace Methodist Church L2162 210 Isle Royale St. 2006 X
Houghton Hoar Family Mausoleum L1936 Forest Hill Cemetery 1995 X
Houghton Houghton County / Courthouse S0431 401 East Houghton Street 1989 X
Houghton Michigan Technological University S0093 Campus Near Library 1957 X
Houghton St. Ignatius Loyola Church L0568 703 East Houghton Ave 1979 X
Houghton Trinity Episcopal Church L1319 200 Pewabic Street 1987 X
Jacobsville Finnish Lutheran Church / Jacobsville L0532 West of Jacobsville 1987 X
Quincy Township The Copper Country S0030 US-41 North of Airport Rd. 1957 X
Huron Bay Port Bay Port Fishing District S0458 End of Promenade Street 1986 X
Bay Port Great Fire of 1881 S0141 Roadside Park US-25 South of M-142 1957 X
Bay Port Stagecoaches L0541 Cedar and Second Streets 1978 X
Caseville Methodist Episcopal Church L1725 6490 Main St. 1995 X
Harbor Beach Frank Murphy S0285 142 South Huron 1967 X
Huron City Huron City L0463 Off M-25 at Huron City Road 1995 X
Huron City Pointe aux Barques Lighthouse S0369 Lighthouse County Park 2006 X
Kinde St. Mary of Czestochowa Roman Catholic Church L0849 Moeller Rd east of Hellems Rd 1989 X
Owendale Owendale L0383 Village Park 1976 X
Pigeon Pigeon Depot L1439 59 South Main St. 1989 X
Port Austin Charles G. Learned L0815 8544 Lake St. 1990 X
Port Hope Port Hope Chimney L0021 Stafford Park, Huron St. 1964 X
Sebewaing Indian Mission L0024 590 East Bay St. 1962 X
Sebewaing John C. Liken / John C. Martini House L2187 644 E. Main St. 2007 X
Sebewaing Sebewaing Township Hall L1596 92 South Center Street 2010 X
Ubly Citizen's Bank Block S0654 2100 Block of Main St. east of M -19 1998 X
White Rock White Rock School L0202 White Rock Road east of M-25 1972 X
Indiana Indianapolis Birth of Kiwanis S0254B 3636 Woodview Trace 1982 X
Ingham East Lansing Alice B. Cowles House S0572 West Circle Drive 1988 X
East Lansing Bigelow-Kuhn-Thomas House L0629 334 North Hagadorn Rd 1987 X
East Lansing College Field L2205 North of Jenison Fieldhouse 2009 X
East Lansing Collegeville / East Lansing L1894 410 Abbott Rd. 1993 X
East Lansing Harry J. Eustace Hall S0327 East Circle Drive 1977 X
East Lansing Masonic Temple L2094 314 M.A.C. Avenue 2001 X
East Lansing Michigan Automobile Dealers Association L1338 1500 Kendale Blvd. 1987 X
East Lansing Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company L1597 2425 East Grand River 1988 X
East Lansing Michigan State Medical Society / Headquarters S0649 120 W. Saginaw @ Abbott 1995 X
East Lansing Michigan State Police / Headquarters S0645 714 S. Harrison. 1994 X
East Lansing Michigan State University S0001 Beaumont Tower 1955 X
East Lansing St. Thomas Aquinas / Monsignor Jerome V. MacEachin L1502 955 Alton Rd 1988 X
Haslett Haslett L0154 Haslett Road east of Marsh 1972 X
Lansing Capital Bank Tower L2215 124 Allegan St. 2009 X
Lansing Carnegie Library L2226 210 W. Shiawassee St. 2013 X
Lansing Central United Methodist Church L0790 215 North Capital 1981 X
Lansing Church of the Resurrection / Monsignor John A. Gabriels L1632 1529 East Michigan Ave. 1991 X
Lansing Durant Park / Arch L2147 Durant Park 2005 X
Lansing First Presbyterian Church L1471 211 North Chestnut 1987 X
Lansing George E. Palmer / Old Newsboys L1908 Washington Sq & Michigan 1994 X
Lansing The Grand River S0617 East bank of Grand River North of Shiawassee 1990 X
Lansing Grand Trunk Depot L0521 1203 South Washington Avenue 1978 X
Lansing John T. Herrmann House L1430 520 North Capital 1987 X
Lansing Kern Hotel Fire / Box 23 Club L1468 East side of Grand River near Michigan Ave 1987 X
Lansing Lansing Becomes The State Capital S0587 South Washington Square near Allegan 1987 X
Lansing Lansing City Market L1517 333 North Cedar 1988 X
Lansing Lansing Community College L1449 419 North Capital 1987 X
Lansing Lansing Fire Station No. 8 L0864 2300 E. Michigan Avenue 1997 X
Lansing Lansing Labor Holiday S0745 West Michigan St bet S Washington and S. Capitol 2017 X
Lansing Louis Beck House L1800 515 North Capital 1991 X
Lansing Malcolm X Homesite S0455 4705 S. Martin Luther King Blvd. 1975 X
Lansing Michigan Dental Association L1640 230 North Washington 1989 X
Lansing Michigan Education Association / Michigan Association of Counties S0625 935 North Washington 1991 X
Lansing Michigan Licensed Beverage Association L1676 920 N. Fairview 1989 X
Lansing Michigan Manufacturer's Association L1459 620 South Capital Avenue 1987 X
Lansing Michigan National Guard Armory / 119th Field Artillery L2255 330 Marshall St 2013 X
Lansing Michigan Pharmacists Association L1194 815 North Washington 1986 X
Lansing Michigan Retail Hardware Association S0628 4414 South Pennsylvania 1991 X
Lansing Michigan School for the Blind / Administration Building S0575 715 West Willow Avenue 1986 X
Lansing Michigan Sheriffs' Association S0620 620 South Capital Avenue 1991 X
Lansing Michigan Society of Professional Engineers L1378 215 North Walnut 1987 X
Lansing State Capitol HB01 Michigan State Capitol 1957 X
Lansing Morgan B. Hungerford House L1185 602 West Ionia 1987 X
Lansing Mount Hope Cemetery L2211 1709 E. Mount Hope Ave 2009 X
Lansing North Presbyterian Church L1353 108 West Grand River 1988 X
Lansing Optometric Society L1408 530 West Ionia St. 1987 X
Lansing Plymouth Congregational Church L1641 2001 East Grand River 1989 X
Lansing Ransom Eli Olds / Curved Dash Oldsmobile S0590 240 Museum Dr 1987 X
Lansing REO Motor Car Company / REO Clubhouse S0652 1445 S. Washington 1996 X
Lansing Rogers-Carrier House L1140 528 North Capital 1987 X
Lansing Roswell Everett / Roswell Everett House L1990 131 West Miller Rd. 1997 X
Lansing St. Paul's Episcopal Church L1689 218 W. Ottawa St. 1992 X
Lansing Sophie Turner House L1691 505 North Capital 1991 X
Lansing State Bar of Michigan S0588 306 Townsend Street 1987 X
Lansing State Highway Department / Horatio Earle S0688 425 West Ottawa 2005 X
Lansing Theater District / The Strand L2097 211-219 Washington Square. 2001 X
Lansing Town of Michigan / Lansing S0629 Lansing City Hall
Michigan & Capitol
1991 X
Lansing Trinity A.M.E. Church L0987 3500 West Holmes Rd. 1983 X
Lansing Turner-Dodge House L0238 100 E. North Street 1980 X
Lansing Union Depot L2141 637 East Michigan 2004 X
Lansing Wolverine Boys State / Wolverine Girls State S0618 212 North Verlinden 1991 X
Lansing Woodberry-Kerns House L0766 606 Townsend St. 1981 X
Leslie First Baptist Church L1656 204 East Bellevue 1991 X
Leslie Sts. Cornelius and Cyprian Church L2262 1320 Catholic Church Road 2014 X
Mason Ingham County Courthouse L0117 Jefferson and Ash 1972 X
Mason John Rayner House L0668 725 East Ash Street 1980 X
Okemos Chief Okemos / Okemos Village L2133 Okemos Rd at Hamilton 2004 X
Okemos Okemos Methodist Church L1895 4734 Okemos Rd. 1993 X
Onondaga Edward Ferris House L1480 3044 Onondaga Rd 1988 X
Stockbridge Stockbridge Town Hall L0431 123 South Clinton 1987 X
Webberville Leroy Township School District No. 6 L1900 202 N. Main. 1994 X
White Oak Township White Oak Twp Hall L0531 1002 South Stockbridge Road 1978 X
Williamston Downtown Historic District L2260 161 E. Grand River Ave 2014 X
Williamston George Beeman House L0883 North Williamston Rd 1999 X
Williamston Grand River Trail S0031 Road side park M-43 east of Meridian Rd 1957 X
Williamston Methodist Episcopal Church L2182 101 South Putnam 2006 X
Williamston St. Katherine's Chapel HB52 4650 Meridian Road 1969 X
Williamston Saint Mary Parish L1918 203 High St. @ Cedar 1994 X
Williamston Williamston Center United Methodist Church L1015 Zimmer and Haslett Roads 1984 X
Ionia Belding Alvah N. Belding Library L0816 302 East Main St 1981 X
Belding Belding City Hall L2233 120 Pleasant Street 2012 X
Belding Belrockton Dormitory L1747 108 Hanover St. 1993 X
Belding Pere Marquette Railway Depot L2050 100 Depot St. 2000 X
Hubbardston St.John the Baptist Church / Cemetery L2091 324 S. Washington Rd 2001 X
Ionia Benjamin and Lucia Vosper House L1898 267 E. Main St. 1994 X
Ionia Fred W. Green S0408 320 Union St. 1974 X
Ionia Frederick Hall House S0326 126 East Main St. 1992 X
Ionia Ionia Church of Christ L1170 130 East Washington 1986 X
Ionia Ionia County Courthouse L0448 1000 East Main St. 1983 X
Ionia John and Harriet Blanchard House / John C. Blanchard L0230 353 East Main St. 2002 X
Ionia L. Phillip and Bertha Brock House 409 North Union Street 2000
Ionia St. John's Episcopal Church and Parish House L0913 107 West Washington 1983 X
Muir Church of Christ L0225 138 Garden St. @ Liberty 1993 X
Saranac The Roadside Table S0253 Grand River east of Morrison Lake Rd. 1964 X
Saranac Saranac L0076 Main St. near Fuller 1970 X
Sebawa Township John C. Orly Farmstead L1294 3226 E Musgrove 1985 X
Smyrna Smyrna L1063 4972 Whites Bridge Road 1983 X
Smyrna White's Bridge L0042 Whites Bridge Road over Flat River 1965 X
Iosco Alabaster Alabaster S0247 Benson and Turtle Roads 1978 X
East Tawas Lumbering on the Huron Shore S0032 Boat Ramp off US-23 1958 X
East Tawas Tawas Point Light Station 686 Tawas Beach Road 2017
Grant Township Pioneer Cemetery L0033 Old State Rd west of Sand Lake Rd. 1963 X
Oscoda Dock Reserve L1576 Dwight and Park Streets 1988 X
Oscoda Green Pack House L1055 514 N. US-23 1994 X
Oscoda The Louis Chevalier Claim L0830 295 Harbor St 1980 X
Oscoda Twp Cooke Hydroelectric Plant L2142 Cooke Road at the Au Sable River 2005 X
Oscoda Twp Five Channels Dam Workers Camp L2143 6051 State Route 65 2005 X
Iron Bates Township First Roadside Park S0213 US-2 four miles east of Iron River. 1964 X
Crystal Falls Iron County L0179 Superior Street 1958 X
Iron River Iron Inn L0376 202 West Adams 1977 X
Iron River MacKinnon House L0350 411 North Ninth St. 1978 M
Stambaugh Township Indian Village L0342 County Road 630 Pentoga Park 1980 X
Isabella Mount Pleasant Central Michigan University S0113 East Campus at Veterans Memorial near Stadium 1968 X
Mount Pleasant Doughty House L0223 301 Chippewa Street 1975 X
Mount Pleasant First Classes Central Michigan University L0069 201 South Main Street 1968 X
Mount Pleasant Indian Cemetery L1298 1475 South Bamber Rd 1987 X
Mount Pleasant Peter Richmond House L2279 109 West Locust 2016 X
Mount Pleasant Sacred Heart Academy L1657 316 East Michigan 1990 X
Mount Pleasant St. John's Episcopal Church L0189 206 West Maple St 1972 X
Mount Pleasant Schoolhouse S0574 Harris Street 1987 X
Mt. Pleasant Isabella County Seat / The Founding of Mount Pleasant L2080 200 N. Main Street 2000 X
Sheman Twp Sherman City / Sherman City Union Church L2129 West Vernon and Allen Rds. 2003 X
Shepherd Power House L0914 314 West Maple 1985 X
Jackson Brooklyn Brooklyn Presbyterian Church L0853 160 North Main Street 1982 X
Brooklyn Brooklyn's Founder L0029 North Main Street 1963 X
Clarklake First Universalist Church L2225 2231 Jefferson Rd 2011 X
Concord First Universalist Church / Concord Universalists L2068 200 Hanover 2003 X
Concord Paddock-Hubbard House L1842 317 Hanover St. 1994 X
Grass Lake Grass Lake / Michigan Central Railroad Depot L1854 218 E. Michigan Ave 1994 X
Hanover Hanover High School / Hanover - Horton Schools L1979 105 Fairview St. 1999 X
Henrietta Twp Meridian - Base Line S0737 Meridian State Park N Meridian Road 2016 X
Horton Wellman General Store L0740 205 Main Street 1974 X
Jackson Austin Blair S0559 600 Greenwood Avenue 1984 X
Jackson Camp Blair S0703 1212 Wildwood Ave 2007 X
Jackson Ella Sharp Museum L0147 3225 Fourth Street 1975 X
Jackson First Baptist Church L1171 201 South Jackson Street 1989 X
Jackson First Congregational Church L1410 120 N. Jackson 1993 X
Jackson First State Prison S0178 Armory North end of Mechanic Street 1958 X
Jackson First United Methodist Church L2166 275 West Michigan Ave. 2006 X
Jackson Horace Ismon L2025 103 S. Jackson St. 2001 X
Jackson Jackson Area S0233 Rest Area Westbound I-94 1964 X
Jackson Jacksonburg Public Square L1852 Michigan Ave At Jackson 1993 X
Jackson McCain School L0884 3517 McCain Road 1981 X
Jackson St. John's Church L0587 717 Cooper Street 1979 X
Jackson St. Mary Star of the Sea Church L0885 Wesley and South Mechanic Streets 1981 X
Jackson St. Paul's Episcopal Church L1221 309 South Jackson 1986 X
Jackson Under the Oaks S0015 Second and Franklin Streets 1972 X
Parma William G. Brown House L1041 6770 Brown Road 1983 X
Spring Arbor Ed Cross Farm L2099 321 Teft Road 1/4 south of M-60 2001 X
Spring Arbor John Timbers House L1715 201 East Main Street 1990 X
Spring Arbor Spring Arbor College S0246 Campus north of M-60 1963 X
Spring Arbor Township Huron Potawatomi Indian Village / Spring Arbor L1910 cnr Hammond & South Cross Rd. 1994 X
Springport Jameson Farm L0999 10220 North Parma Road 1982 X
Kalamazoo Alamo Township Kalamazoo Region S0222C Rest Area South Bound US-131 1962 X
Augusta Barn Theatre L1107 13319 Augusta Drive (M-96) 1985 X
Augusta Park Theatre L2060 108 E. Clinton Street 2001 X
Climax Daniel B. Eldrid House L1681 216 East Maple 1990 X
Climax Festus Hall House L1106 114 South Main St. 1990 X
Comstock Township Kalamazoo Region S0222A Eastbound I-94 Rest Area
East of Kalamazoo
1962 X
Cooper Township Cooper Congregational Church L1445 8071 Douglas Avenue 1989 X
Galesburg Congregational United Church of Christ L0767 22 Church Street 1980 X
Kalamazoo A.U.V. Auditorium L0488 137 Portage St. 1977 X
Kalamazoo David S. Walbridge S0462 202 South Kalamazoo Mall 1976 X
Kalamazoo DeLano Homestead L0432 555 West E Avenue 1981 X
Kalamazoo East Hall S0510 Oakland Drive 1977 X
Kalamazoo Edward Israel Arctic Pioneer L0203 Mountain Home Cemetery 1972 X
Kalamazoo Epaphroditus Ransom S0569 401 South Burdick 1987 X
Kalamazoo First Baptist Church L0338 315 West Michigan 1977 X
Kalamazoo First United Methodist Church L1528 212 South Park 1988 X
Kalamazoo First Women's Club in Michigan S0221 333 South Park 1962 X
Kalamazoo Haymarket Historic District L2098 258-260 East Michigan Ave. 2001 X
Kalamazoo Henderson Park West Main Hill Hist Dist L2104 Grand Ave. and Main St. 2002 X
Kalamazoo Indian Fields S0046 Inside west vestibule
Kalmazoo Municipal Airport
1961 X
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Celery S0133 Crosstown Parkway and Park Streets 1959 X
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo College S0101 1200 Academy 1983 X
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo College S0101a Westnedge and Walnut 1983 X
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Gazette L1399 401 South Burdick 1987 X
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo School Case S0153 Westnedge and West Vine 1959 X
Kalamazoo Kalamazoo State Hospital S0244 1210 Oakland Drive 1964 X
Kalamazoo Lincoln at Kalamazoo S0044 Bronson Park 1957 X
Kalamazoo Michigan State Grange / Women In The Michigan Grange S0664 Water Street and Burdick 2000 X
Kalamazoo The Peninsula Building L1000 111 Portage Street 1984 X
Kalamazoo Pioneer Cemetery L0010 South Westnedge at Wheaton 1960 X
Kalamazoo South Street Historical District L0206 516 West South Street 1974 X
Kalamazoo The Stuart House L0057 427 Stuart Avenue 1966 X
Kalamazoo Stuart Neighborhood L0565B 910 West Main 1977 X
Kalamazoo Stuart Neighborhood L0565C 802 Elm Street 1977 X
Kalamazoo Stuart Neighborhood L0565A 606 Stuart Avenue 1977 X
Kalamazoo Western Michigan University S0117 WMU Campus 1958 X
Kalamazoo William E. Upjohn / The Upjohn Company S0582 Kalamazoo Mall 1986 X
Oshtemo Township Harris Family L0245 Eleventh Street and Parkview Road 1973 X
Oshtemo Township Kalamazoo Region S0222B Eastbound I-94 Rest Area
West of Kalamazoo
Portage Portage School District No. 8 L1867 7336 Garden Ln. 1993 X
Richland Community Library L1189 8951 Park Street 1987 X
Richland The First Presbyterian Church L0835 8047 Park Street 1981 X
Ross Township W. K. Kellogg House S0605 3700 East Gull Lake Drive 1991 X
Vicksburg Fanny M. Bair Library L1481 120 West Maple Street 1989 X
Vicksburg Vickers' Mill L2086 215 W. Prairie Street 2001 X
Kalkaska Excelsior Excelsior Town Hall L0288 Cty Rd 571 and Wagenschutz Rd 1974 X
Rapid River Twp Rugg Pond Dam L1158 Valley Rd north of Hansen Road 1990 X
Kent Ada Ada Covered Bridge L0075 Bronson Street 1974 X
Algoma Township Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad Culvert L1999 11101 Summit Avenue 1997 X
Algoma Twp Pine Island Drive Bridge L2241 Pine Island Drive north of 10 mile 2012 X
Alpine Township Alpine Township Hall L1417 Seven Mile and Walker Rd 1990 X
Byron Center Byron Township Hall L1451 2506 Prescott Streeet 1990 X
Caledonia David Kinsey Home L0478B 6087 100th Street 1988 X
Cannon Twp Cannon Township Hall L1467 8045 Cannonsburg Rd 2002 X
Cascade Township Cascade Christian Church L0852 Cascade Road and 28th Street 1981 X
Cascade Township Cascade Township Hall L2000 2839 Thornapple River Dr 1998 X
Gaines Township John Isaac Cutler House L1575 300 68th Street SE 1989 X
Grand Rapds First (Park) Congregational Church L0850b 10 East Park Place NE 1985 X
Grand Rapids Aquinas College S0235 1607 Robinson SE 1962 X
Grand Rapids Arthur Hendrick Vandenberg / Vandenberg Center L1438 1 Vandenberg Center 1987 X
Grand Rapids Barber Briggs House L0803 2420 Plainfield NE 2000 X
Grand Rapids Baw-wa-ting S0682 Grand River and Fulton 2004 X
Grand Rapids The Beginning of Water Fluoridation / Monroe Avenue Plant S0719 1430 Monroe Ave. 2010 X
Grand Rapids Benjamins-Spring House L2194 2359 Madison SE 2007 X
Grand Rapids Calvin College and Seminary S0228 3205 Burton Street 1965 X
Grand Rapids The Castle L0691 455 Cherry Street SE 1979 X
Grand Rapids Central High School L2031 421 Fountain St. NE 1999 X
Grand Rapids Central Reformed Church L1683 10 College Avenue NE 1989 X
Grand Rapids First (Park) Congregational Church L0850a 10 East Park Place NE 1985 X
Grand Rapids Furniture Industry S0132 Van Andel Museum Center, 272 Pearl Street NW 1958 X
Grand Rapids Ladies Literary Club L0120 61 Sheldon Street SE 1983 X
Grand Rapids Mathias Alten Home & Studio / Mathias Alten S0694 Alten and Fulton 2006 X
Grand Rapids May House L1342 450 Madison SE 1987 X
Grand Rapids McCabe-Marlowe House L0915 74 Lafayette NE 1986 X
Grand Rapids President Gerald R. Ford / Boyhood Home S0648 649 Union SE 1995 X
Grand Rapids St. Andrew's Cemetery L1593 Prince Street between Madison and Union 1989 X
Grand Rapids Sixth Street Bridge L0479 Grand River between 6th and Newberry 1981 X
Grand Rapids Thrifty Acres S0729 28th Street SE and Kalamazoo Avenue 2014 X
Grand Rapids Valley City Milling Company L1125 Front and Fulton Streets 1986 X
Grand Rapids Veterans' Cemetery L1254B 3000 Monroe Avenue NW 1986 X
Grand Rapids Veterans' Facility L1254A 3000 Monroe Avenue NW 1986 X
Grand Rapids Villa Maria L1603 1315 Walker NW 1989 X
Grand Rapids Voigt House S0419 115 College Avenue SE 1977 X
Lowell Robert W. Graham Home L0126 323 West Main Street 1982 X
Lowell Vergennes United Methodist Church L0574 Bailey at Parnell 1986 X
Plainfield William Hyser / Austerlitz Post Office L0582 6440 West River Rd 1981 X
Sparta Toledo, Saginaw & Muskegon Railway Depot L1749 North Union St. 1992 X
Vergennes Township Alton Pioneer Village L1580 Three Mile and Lincoln Lake roads 1988 X
Vergennes Township Fallasburg Covered Bridge S0197 Covered Bridge Road 1971 X
Vergennes Township Fallasburg Pioneer Village L1265 Covered Bridge Road 1987 X
Vergennes Township Fallasburg School L1228 Covered Bridge Road X
Vergennes Township John Wesley Fallas House / John W. Fallas L1348 13893 Covered Bridge Road 1988 X
Vergennes Township Moseley School L1259 Lincoln Lake Rd @ Four Mile Road M
Vergennes Township Orlando J. Odell House/ Vergennes Post Office L1242 10629 Bailey 1986 X
Vergennes Township Vergennes Dist. No. 11 School House L1232A 1573 Parnell NE M
Vergennes Township Vergennes District No. 1 Schoolhouse L1232 12980 Three Mile Road 1988 X
Wyoming 126th Infantry S0641 1200 44th Street SW 1992 X
Kentucky Campbellsville Michigan at Tebbs Bend L1515 Romine Loop Road 1988 X
Perryville Michigan at Perryville S0555 Perryville Battlefield State Park 1983 X
Richmond, Ky Michigan Light Artillery Regiment S0723 830 Battlefield Memorial Highway 2012 X
Keweenaw Copper Harbor Fort Wilkins S0033 Fort Wilkins State Park 1957 M
Eagle Harbor Eagle Harbor House L2046 221 N. Front 2000 X
Eagle River Douglass Houghton S0740 5059 4th St 2016 X
Eagle River Lake Shore Drive Bridge / Eagle River S0613 M-26 at the Eagle River 1991 X
Lake Baldwin Brown Trout L1145 8962 South M-37 1984 X
Baldwin Lake County S0184 Courthouse lawn 1958 X
Idlewild The Island / The Flamingo Club L2204 1002 Martin Luther King Avenue 2009 X
Idlewild Idlewild S0713 US-10 and Broadway 2009 X
Idlewild Idlewild Lot Owners Association L2206 Lake Drive and Glade Avenue 2009 X
Idlewild Daniel Hale Williams / House S0712 15712 Lake Drive 2009 X
Idlewild Herman & Lela Wilson / House L2203 6583 Paradise Path, corner of East Wilson 2009 X
Lapeer Almont Currier House L0392a 233 East St. Clair 2004 X
Almont Henry Stephens Memorial Library L1825 23 West St. Clair 1996 X
Clifford St. Patrick's Church L1646 9951 Main St. 1992 X
Columbiaville Columbiaville Depot L0750 4643 First Street 1981 X
Columbiaville United Methodist Church L1162 4696 Pine Street 1986 X
Columbiaville William Peter Mansion L0751 4707 Water Street 1981 X
Dryden Dryden Depot L0460 Main Strret at Railroad Street 1985 X
Dryden Ladies Library Hall L0669 5480 Main Street 1988 X
Dryden Twp General Squier Park L0534 4725 South Mill Road 1979 X
Imlay City Grand Trunk Depot / Imlay City L0780 77 Main St. 2006 X
Imlay City Grettenberger Field L2208 West First Street 2010 X
Lapeer Lapeer County S0175 Courthouse Lawn 1958 X
Lapeer Lapeer Public Library L2069 M-21 at M-24 2000 X
Lapeer Tuttle House L2196 610 N. Main St. 2008 X
North Branch Pioneer Bank L0752 4046 Huron St. (M-90) 1991 X
Leelanau Bingham Township Bingham District No. 5 Schoolhouse L1462 7171 S. Center Rd. 1993 X
Empire Empire Lumber Company L0567 Village Park, Niagara Street 1979 X
Empire Genevieve Gillette Sleeping Bear Dunes NL 2016
Empire Twp Old Settlers Park L2126 County Rd 675 (Dunn's Rd) 2003 X
Glen Arbor Early State Parks S0173 Sleeping Bear Dunes Natl Lkshre 1958 X
Greilickville Greilickville L0214 129 West Bay Shore Drive 1973 X
Leelanau Township Grand Traverse Lighthouse S0615 End of County Road 629 1993 X
Leelanau Township St. Wenceslaus Church and Cemetery L1671 County roads 626 and 637 1990 X
Leland Leland Historical District (Fishtown) S0407 harbor park 1977 X
Northport Great Lakes Sport Fishery L1167 Village Marina 1984 X
Omena Omena Presbyterian Church S0350 M-22 1975 X
Lenawee Addison Woodstock Manual Labor Institute S0297 18123 Greenleaf Road 1971 X
Adrian Adrian College S0227 110 South Madison 1962 X
Adrian Adrian Fire Department / Engine House No. 1 L2263 126 E Church St 2014
Adrian Adrian Monthly Meetinghouse / Raisin Valley Friends Church L1844 3552 N. Adrian Hwy. 1994 X
Adrian Adrian Union Hall S0478 129 East Maumee Street 1986 X
Adrian Camp Williams / Fourth Michigan Volunteer Infantry S0679 North Hall, Adrian College 2003 X
Adrian Croswell House / Governor Charles M. Croswell HB12 228 North Broad Street 2015 X
Adrian L0368 301 North Main Street 1981 X
Adrian Lenawee County Fairgrounds L2102 602 Dean Street 2002 X
Adrian Oakwood Cemetery L2047 101 Oakwood Street 2001 X
Adrian Sacred Heart Hall L1697 1247 E. Siena Heights Dr. 1993 X
Adrian St. John's Lutheran Church L0887 121 South Locust Street 1982 X
Adrian St. Joseph Hospital and Home for the Aged L1178 1269 Siena Heights Dr. 1984 X
Adrian Saint Joseph Rectory L1716A 417 Ormsby St. 1993 X
Adrian Saint Joseph School L1716B 417 Ormsby St. 1993 X
Adrian St. Joseph's Catholic Church L0671 415 Ormsby Street 1980 X
Adrian Second Baptist Church L1381 607 North Broad Street 1995 X
Blissfield Blissfield Hotel L0459 102 West Adrian Street 1977 X
Blissfield Carpenter House L0136 424 West Adrian Street 1975 X
Blissfield Erie and Kalamazoo Railroad L1146B Beagle Street 2001 X
Blissfield Erie & Kalamazoo Railroad L1146A 424 West Adrian Street 1986 X
Blissfield First Presbyterian Church S0271 306 Franklin Street 1966 X
Blissfield Hiram D. Ellis House L1754 415 West Adrian St. 1992 X
Cambridge Junction St. Michael and All Angels Church L0836 11646 Old Monroe Pike 2008 X
Cambridge Junction Walker Tavern HB16 US-12 at M-50 1960 X
Clinton Clinton / Site of the Clinton Inn L0474 119 East Michigan 1977 X
Clinton Clinton United Methodist Church L0506 Tecumseh and Church streets 1977 X
Clinton Clinton Woolen Mill L0655 303 West Michigan 1979 X
Clinton The Jira Payne House / The Smith-Kimball Family L1503 211 Tecumseh St. 1992 X
Clinton Riverside Mortuary Chapel / Wirt Rowland L2148 208 Coman St. 2005 X
Clinton St. John's Episcopal Church L0875 122 East Church Street 1984 X
Hudson Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway / Bridge L1142 East Main at Bean Creek 2008 X
Morenci Taft Memorial Hwy / Van Wagoner Memorial Bridge L2124 M-156 at state line 2004 X
Onsted Wooden Stone School L0672 Stephenson Road and Hawkins Highway 1989 X
Palmyra Palmyra Presbyterian Church L1284 6730 Palmyra Road 1986 X
Seneca Township Fractional District No. 3 School L2159 M-156 2006 X
Tecumseh Al Meyers Airport L1415 Macon Rd at Tecumseh-Clinton Hwy 1987 X
Tecumseh Evans House S0351 409 East Logan 1960 X
Tecumseh La Plaisance Bay Pike S0269 Community Center M-50 1967 X
Tipton Davenport House L0123 1280 US-12 1971 X
Tipton St. Joseph's Church / Shrine S0611 8743 US-12 1991 X
Livingston Brighton Brighton District No. 8 School L1300 11455 Buno Road 2000 X
Brighton Brighton Village Cemetery L2078 St. Paul Street at West 2000 X
Brighton Old Town Hall L1010 Main Street at West 1983 X
Brighton St. Paul's L1011 St. Paul Street at West 1983 X
Brighton Spanish American War Regiments S0134 Island Lake State Park 1958 X
Brighton St. Patrick Church / Calvary Cemetery L2248 711 Rickett Road 2013 X
Green Oak Township Kinsley S. Bingham S0406 13270 Silver Lake Road 1973 X
Hamburg Hamburg / Edwin B. Winans S0583 Hamburg and Strawberry Lake Roads 1986 X
Hamburg St. Stephen's L0078 10585 Hamburg Road 1970 X
Hartland Florence B. Deering Museum L0411 3503 Avon Street 1976 X
Hartland Hartland Burying Ground L2173 1312 Avon St 2006 X
Hartland Hartland Music Hall L0768 3619 Avon Street 1986 X
Howell Ann Arbor Railroad L0094 126 Wetmore Street 1971 X
Howell County Courthouse L0391 200 East Grand River Avenue 1978 X
Howell Frank J. Hecox House L1889 3720 W. Grand River 1994 X
Howell George W. Lee House L2178 404 S. Walnut St. 2007 X
Howell Howell Carnegie Library L2013 314 West Grand River 1997 X
Howell Howell School District No. 5 Schoolhouse L1599 4970 W Grand River 1994 X
Howell Livingston County Press L1896 323 E. Grand River Ave. 1993 X
Howell Opera House L0184 West Grand River Ave. 2006 X
Howell St. Augustine Church and Cemetery L1938 6481 Faussett Rd NW of Green Rd. Deerfield 1995 X
Oceola Township St. John The Baptist Catholic Church L0598 1991 Hacker Road 1982 X
Parshallville Tom Walker's Grist Mill L0279 8507 Parshallville Road 1974 X
Plainfield Plainfield Methodist Protestant Church L2001 17845 West SR36 between Bradley and Dutton Roads 1997 X
Tyrone Township First Congregational Church L1920 9141 Hartland, North of Center 1995 X
Tyrone Township Tyrone Township Hall L0704 10408 Center Road 1980 X
Unadilla Township First Presbyterian Church L2146 20175 Williamsville Road 2004 X
Luce Helmer Helmer House Inn L0981 County Rd 417 1982 X
Lake Superior Life Saving Station L0758 Two-Hearted River at Lake Superior 1980 X
Newberry Jail and Sheriff's Residence L0408 411 Harris Street 1980 X
Newberry Newberry State Bank L1328 318 Newberry Avenue 1988 X
Mackinac Bois Blanc Island Bois Blanc Island L1752 Ferry Dock 1990 X
Hendrick Township Epoufette L1255 Roadside Park US-2 1986 X
Hessel Aldo Leopold and Les Cheneaux S0735 M-134 between Cedarville and Hessel 2015 X
Mackinac Island American Fur Company Store S0019 Market Street 2004 X
Mackinac Island Battlefield of 1814 S0188 British Landing Road near Wahaskamo G.C. 1958 X
Mackinac Island Biddle House HB02 Market Street 1960 X
Mackinac Island British Cannon L0002 Fort Holmes Rd 1959 X
Mackinac Island British Landing S0187 British Landing Road at Lakeshore 1958 X
Mackinac Island Early Missionary Bark Chapel HB36 Marquette Park near sidewalk to fort 1959 M
Mackinac Island Fort Holmes S0078 Fort Holmes Rd 1959 X
Mackinac Island Grand Hotel HB10 West Bluff 1958 X
Mackinac Island Historic Fort Mackinac S0189 Fort Street 1958 X
Mackinac Island Hubbards Annex to the Natl Park L2253 Park Ave at Grand Ave 2014 X
Mackinac Island Indian Dormitory / Henry R. Schoolcraft HB45 Huron Street 1966 X
Mackinac Island Island House L0217 Huron Street 1973 X
Mackinac Island Lake View Hotel L0982 SW end of Huron Street 1985 X
Mackinac Island Little Stone Church L0644 Cadott Street 1978 X
Mackinac Island Mackinac Conference S0468 Grand Hotel 1975 X
Mackinac Island Mackinac Island S0034 Market Street 1956 X
Mackinac Island Market Street S0040 Market Street 1956 X
Mackinac Island Mission Church HB03 Huron Street at Truscott 1957 X
Mackinac Island Mission House S0313 East end of Huron St. 1993 X
Mackinac Island Old Agency House L0003 Huron Street 1959 M
Mackinac Island Parade Ground / Scout Barracks L2266 Huron Road 2015 X
Mackinac Island Round Island Lighthouse L0107 foot of Huron Street 1978 X
Mackinac Island Sainte Anne Church S0622 Huron St. 1992 X
Mackinac Island Skull Cave L0004 Garrison Road 1959 X
Mackinac Island Trinity Church L0073 Fort Street at Market 1968 X
Mackinac Island Wawashkamo Golf Club S0550B British Landing Road 1983 X
Mackinac Island Wawashkamo Golf Club S0550A British Landing Road 1983 X
Moran Township Across the Peninsula L0031 US-2 at Old Portage Rd 1964 M
Moran Township Gros Cap & St. Helena Island L0022 Park on US-2 6 miles west of St. Ignace. 1962 X
Moran Township Lake Michigan S0120 Park on US-2 6 miles west of St Ignace. 1957 X
Naubinway Northernmost Point of Lake Michigan S0258 Roadside Park 3 mi east of Naubinway 1965 X
St. Ignace Fort Du Buade S0098 Municipal Building State Street 1958 X
St. Ignace Mackinac Straits S0082 Mackinac Bridge north service area 1958 X
St. Ignace St. Ignace S0041 State Ferry Dock 1957 X
St. Ignace St. Ignace Mission S0092 500 North State Street 1957 X
Macomb Center Line Saint Clement Catholic Parish L1903 25320 Van Dyke 1994 X
Center Line Saint Clement Cemetery L2174 Englemann Rd. 2006 X
Chesterfield Township Kolping Chapel L1962 Kolping Park Sugarbush Ln. south of Cotton 1997 X
Clinton Township Clinton Grove Cemetery L1963 21189 Cass Avenue 1996 X
Clinton Township Moravian Road S0142 NE Corner of Moravian Rd and Metro Pkwy 1972 X
Davis First Methodist Episcopal Church L0804 59024 Romeo Plank Road 1998 X
Eastpointe Erin - Warren Fractional District No. 2 School L1706 15500 Nine Mile Road 1995 X
Eastpointe Immanuel Methodist Episcopal Church L2123 23715 Gratiot Ave 2003 X
Eastpointe St. Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church L2093 23000 Gratiot Ave north of Nine Mile Rd 2001 X
Fraser Baumgartner House L1957 18577 Masonic 1996 X
Fraser St John Lutheran Church and Schools L2278 16339 14 Mile Road 2016 X
Grosse Pte Shores Edsel & Eleanor Ford House S0498 Jefferson Avenue North of Vernior 1980 X
Harrison Township Selfridge Field S0168 M-59 east of I-94 near entrance to Air Museum 1958 X
Meade Crawford Settlement Burying Ground L2170 26 Mile Road 2006 X
Memphis "The Thing" L0824 Boardman Road at east village limits 1981 X
Mount Clemens Alexander Macomb S0418 Gratiot at Macomb St. 1974 X
Mount Clemens Carnegie Library L0575 125 Macomb St 1975 X
Mount Clemens Crocker House L0181 15 Union St. 1988 X
Mount Clemens Grace Episcopal Church L0412 115 S. Main Street at Church Street 1976 X
Mount Clemens Methodist Episcopal Church L1925 Cass Ave. 1995 X
Mount Clemens Mount Clemens Mineral Bath Industry L0643 Originally MacArthur Park on North River Road
Relocated to Cass Between Gratiot and Walnut
1979 X
Mount Clemens Saint Joseph Sanitarium and Bath House L1344 215 North Avenue 1997 X
Mount Clemens St. Mary's School L1939 New Street 1998 X
Mount Clemens Thomas Edison L0239 198 Grand at Cass 1978 X
Mount Clemens Zion Church L1251 68 New Street 1986 X
New Baltimore Grand Pacific House L1431 51065 Washington 1996 X
New Baltimore New Baltimore / St. John's Lutheran Church L0636 51161 Maria St 1979 X
Ray Township Ray Township District School No. 1 L1624 64255 Wolcott Road 2002 X
Ray Township Religious Society Church L1389 64255 Wolcott Road 2002 X
Ray Twp Wolcott Mill L2234 Wolcott Mill Metropark 2012 X
Richmond Richmond Center for the Performing Arts L0393 69619 Parker 1988 X
Richmond Sanford Stone / Weller House L2049 Washington @ Stone 1999 X
Romeo Simpson Park Campground L0927 Campground Road at Gates 1981 X
Romeo Village of Romeo L1424 Main at Church St. 1988 X
Roseville Erin United Presbyterian Church L0906 30000 Gratiot Ave 1983 X
Roseville Sacred Heart Church L1354 Gratiot Ave near Utica Rd. 1987 X
Shelby Township Packard Proving Grounds S0686 49965 Van Dyke Ave 2005 X
Shelby Township Utica Nike Base / Spring Hill Farm L2183 River Bends Park 2006 X
St. Clair Shores Blossom Heath Inn L0705 24800 Jefferson Ave 1982 X
St. Clair Shores Lake St. Clair (Lac Sainte Claire) S0520 Jefferson at 11 Mile Rd 1979 X
St. Clair Shores Milk River Settlement L2100 West Side of Jefferson Ave at Milk River Bridge 2001 X
St. Clair Shores Selinsky-Green Log House L0618 22504 11 Mile Rd 1981 X
St. Clair Shores Shoreline Interurban Railway L2071 24800 Jefferson Ave. 1999 X
Sterling Heights Holcombe Beach S0309 Dodge Park North of Metro Pkwy 1977 X
Sterling Heights Upton House L1127 40433 Utica Rd. 1985 X
Utica St. Lawrence Parish of Utica L1799 44633 Utica Rd 1991 X
Utica Shelby Fractional District No. 1 Schoolhouse L1653 Jack Millard Blvd. 1990 X
Utica Utica Cemetery L2048 46325 Shelby Road 2001 X
Warren Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant S0674 Van Dyke at Martin Rd (11 1/2 Mile) 2002 X
Warren Detroit Memorial Park Cemetery L0392 4280 E. 13 Mile Rd 1976 X
Warren General Motor Technical Center S0676 Mound Road between 12 and 13 Mile Roads 2002 X
Warren Governor Alex J. Groesbeck S0284 GM Tech, Mound Road between 12 and 13 Mile Roads 1975 X
Warren John Theisen House L1727 12240 East Ten Mile Rd. 1991 X
Warren Village of Warren L0833 Mound Rd at Chicago Rd 1982 X
Warren Warren Township District No. 4 School L1654 27600 Bunert Road at Martin 1992 X
Warren Warren Union Cemetery L1774 Chicago Rd east of Ryan 1992 X
Washington William Austin Burt S0570 4300 Main Park Rd, Stoney Creek Metropark 1986 X
Washington Twp. Loren Andrus House L0104 57500 Van Dyke Avenue 2006 X
Manistee Arcadia Trinity Lutheran Church L2118 17193 Third St. 2002 X
Arcadia Township Harriet Quimby / Childhood Home S0662 About 14500 Erdman Road 2 mile n of 13 Mile Rd. 2000 X
Kaleva The Bottle House L0983 14551 Wuoksi Avenue, near Kauko 1983 X
Kaleva Kaleva L0524 Wuoksi Ave at Aura 1978 X
Manistee First Congregational Church L0253 412 Fourth Street 1977 X
Manistee Holy Trinity Episcopal Church L0674A 410 Second Street 1981 X
Manistee Holy Trinity Episcopal Church Rectory L0674B 406 Second St. 1994 X
Manistee Manistee City Library L1950 95 Maple 1996 X
Manistee Manistee Fire Hall L1647 281 First Street 1990 X
Manistee Our Saviour's Lutheran Church L0119 300 Walnut 1972 X
Manistee Ramsdell Theater L0124 101 Maple 1980 X
Manistee William Douglas House L0793 521 Pine St. 1983 X
Manistee Township Great Fire of 1871 S0140 Orchard Beach State Park 1957 X
Norwalk Scandinavian Lutheran Society / Norwalk Lutheran Church L2283 5614 Chippewa Higway 2016 X
Onekama Onekama Springs / Glen Park L2230a Onekama Springs 2012 X
Marquette Gwinn Gwinn Model Town S0710 Peter Nordeen Park on M-35 2010 X
Ishpeming Cliffs Shaft Mine S0398 Euclid and Lakeshore 1973 X
Ishpeming Ishpeming: Historic Ski Center S0139 US-41 Near 2nd 1958 X
Marquette Bishop Baraga House HB28 615 S. Fourth St. 2007 X
Marquette Dandelion Cottage L1864 440 E. Arch St. 1993 X
Marquette Father Marquette Park S0585 501 South Front 1987 X
Marquette First Steam Railroad in Upper Peninsula S0477 Lakeshore Blvd at Washington 1977 X
Marquette Marquette County Courthouse S0486 400 South Third 1985 X
Marquette Northern Michigan University S0115 University Center NMU Campus 1966 X
Michigamme Township Sam Cohodas Lodge / Sam Cohodas L1728 County Rd IM south of US-41 1991 X
Negaunee Jackson Mine S0002 820 Maas St. at US-41 1957 X
Negaunee Marquette Iron Range S0035 City Park along US-41 1957 X
Skandia Township William Bakewell S0721 9812 US-41 2010 X
Maryland Middleton Stonewall Regiment S0580 8629 Reno Monument Rd, 1986 X
Mason Custer Township Notipekago L1904 Custer Rd. South of Custer @ Boat Ramp 1994 X
Hamlin Big Sable Point Lighthouse L1518 Big Sable Point, Ludington State Park 2000 X
Hamlin Township A Bygone Lumbering Town S0091 Ludington State Park 1957 X
Ludington Armistice Day Storm S0318 Stearns Park, Lakeshore Dr. 1971 X
Ludington Mason County Courthouse L0404 300 East Ludingon Ave. 2000 X
Ludington S.S. Pere Marquette 18 L0484 Stearns Park, Lakeshore Dr. 1977 X
Ludington S.S. Badger / Ludington Car Ferries S0656 700 South Williams St. 1997 X
Ludington Swedish Lutheran Church L2051 501 East Danaher St. 1999 X
Pere Marquette Township Marquette's Death S0278 South Lakeshore Dr. 1966 X
Pere Marquette Twp First Mason County Courthouse L0600 1687 S. Lakeshore Dr. 1996 X
Scottville Scottville L1677 Downtown Mall 1989 X
Mecosta Barryton Barryton / Frank Barry L1919 Wayside Park M-66 1994 X
Big Rapids Fairman Bulding L2202 102-106 S. Michigan Ave. 2009 X
Big Rapids Ferris State College S0114 State St and Campus Dr. 1957 X
Big Rapids First United Methodist L1418 304 Elm 1989 X
Big Rapids Mineral Well L1119 14342 Northland Dr 1983 X
Big Rapids Nisbett Block L0547 101 South Michigan 2009 X
Big Rapids Old Mecosta Jail House L0384 220 South Stewart Ave 1980 X
Big Rapids St. Andrew's Episcopal Church L0414 323 South State Street 1976 X
Green Township Anna Howard Shaw S0720 22 Mile Road east of US-131 2009 X
Morton Township Negro Settlers L0081 Nine Mile Rd at Ninetieth Ave. 1970 X
Morton Twp Little River School House L2242 90th Ave. and 9 Mile Rd 2012 X
Paris Paris Fish Hatchery S0506 Paris Park Old US-131 1980 X
Remus Wheatland Church of Christ L1002 3025 Eleven Mile Rd 1988 X
Menominee Hermansville Hermansville L0345 US-2 near County Road 388 1979 X
Ingallston Township Bailey Fishery L2110 N5150 M-35, Bailey County Park 2007 X
Menominee Chapee Rapids S0343 River Road West of Menominee 1972 X
Menominee Menominee / Main Street Historic District L1944 1st Street and 10th Avenue 1998 X
Menominee Menominee Area S0084 Tourist Info Center US-41 North of Bridge 1957 X
Stephenson Pioneer Grange Hall No. 1308 L1707 River Rd. 1991 X
Midland Midland John and Almira Kelly House L1193 505 West Main Street 1994 X
Midland Midland County Courthouse L1235 301 West Main 1989 X
Midland The Upper Bridge L1581 Currie Parkway 1991 X
Sanford Origins of Salt Industry / State Salt Well No. 1 S0677 Maple Street and West Saginaw 2002 X
Monroe Ash Township Potter Cemetery/Public Act 525 of 2012 S0747 Swan Creek Rd and Labo Rd 2017
Carleton St. Patrick Church L1685 2996 West Labo Rd 1991 X
Dundee Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church L1837 460 Riley St. 1994 X
Maybee Exeter Township Hall L2042 10296 Sumpter Road 2001 X
Milan Milan Village Hall & Fire Barn L1244 153 East Main St. 1986 X
Monroe George Armstrong Custer S0638 N. Monroe St. At Elm 1993 X
Monroe Lake Erie S0118 Sterling State Park 1958 X
Monroe Monroe S0036 126 South Monroe St., inside historical museum 1957 X
Monroe St. John the Baptist Catholic Church L2052 511 South Monroe Street 1999 X
Monroe Trinity Episcopal Church L2254 304 South Monroe Street 2014 X
Raisinville Township Peter Seitz Tavern & Stagecoach Inn L0753 8941 North Custer 1980 X
Toledo Beach Michigan: Historic Crossroads S0165 Welcome Center I-75 1958 X
Montcalm Greenville Greenville L0413 213 N. Franklin accross from the Hist Museum 1976 X
Greenville Saint Paul's Episcopal Church L1846 305 S. Clay St. 1994 X
Trufant Little Denmark Evangelical Lutheran Church L1217 1031 South Johnson Road (595) at Pakes Rd. 1979 X
Montmorency Briley Township Big Rock L1808 M-32 at Thornton Rd 1991 X
Hillman Calvary Church L1160 330 North State Street 1986 X
Lewiston Camp Lunden S0647 N. side of Co. Rd. 612 across from Fish Lab Rd. 1994 X
Lewiston Lewiston Church of Christ L1500 Kneeland and Woodfield 1992 X
Vienna Twp Angusdale Stock Farm L2132 8291 Buttles Rd. 2004 X
Muskegon Muskegon Bluffton Actors' Colony / Buster Keaton S0657 Water Works Street, South of Lakeshore Dr. 1997 X
Muskegon Central United Methodist Church L1659 1011 Second Street 1990 X
Muskegon Evergreen Cemetery L1329 Iriving St. 1999 X
Muskegon Hackley House HB58 484 West Webster 1988 X
Muskegon Hackley Public Library S0606 316 West Webster 1990 X
Muskegon Hackley-Holt House S0607 523 W. Clay Ave Behind the Hume and Hackley Houses 1993 X
Muskegon Hume House L0144 472 West Webster 1988 X
Muskegon Lakeside L2135 Lakeshore and Addison 2004 X
Muskegon Marsh Field L2120 Peck St. and Laketon Ave. 2003 X
Muskegon Muskegon Business College L1501 Apple Ave at Spring Street 1988 X
Muskegon Muskegon Woman's Club L2043 280 West Webster Avenue 2000 X
Muskegon Old Indian Cemetery L0020 Morris Avenue Between Ist and 2nd 1964 X
Muskegon Pinchtown L1822 Laketon Ave at Lake Shore Dr 1991 X
Muskegon Scenic Drive State Park entrance 2010
Muskegon Torrent House L0129 315 West Webster 1980 X
Muskegon Union Depot L0601 610 W. Western Avenue 2000 X
North Muskegon Jean Baptiste Recollect Trading Post L0726 Ruddiman and Bear Lake Rd 1980 X
North Muskegon Muskegon Log Booming Company S0090 Richards Park Old US-131 1958 X
Twin Lake Methodist Episcopal Church of Twin Lake L2236 Main St at Fifth St 2012 X
White River Township Mouth Cemetery L1600 1/4 mi N of Old Channel on Indian Bay then West on Sunset Ln. 1994 X
Whitehall Fruitland District No.6 School L1820 6227 S. Shore Dr.. 1992 X
Whitehall Lebanon Lutheran Church L1064 1101 South Mears Ave 1985 X
Whitehall Lumbering on White Lake / Staples & Covell Mill L2167 Covell Park 2006 X
Whitehall Ruth Thompson S0643 405 E. Colby 1994 X
Whitehall White Lake Yacht Club L2184 6748 S. Shore Drive 2006 X
Newago Grant Grant Water Tower L0819 100 Main St 2011 X
Newaygo Big Prairie Township Hardy Hydroelectric Plant L2144 6928 East Thirty-sixth Street 2005 X
Bitely Woodland Park L2200 2316 11 Mile Road 2010 X
Croton Township Croton Hydroelectric Plant S0684 Croton Hardy Drive. 2005 X
Fremont Cornelius Gerber Cottage 6480 Cottage Grove
Newaygo St. Mark's Episcopal Church L1115 30 Justice St. 1987 X
Oakland Birmingham Greenwood Cemetery L1832 Oak St. Bet Greenwood & Lakeview 1994 X
Bloomfield Hills The Academy of the Sacred Heart L1156 1250 Kensington Road 1984 X
Bloomfield Hills Bagley Inn L0570 101 West Long Lake Road 1979 X
Bloomfield Hills Congregation Beth El / Temple Beth El S0673 7400 Telegraph Road at 14 Mile Road 2001 X
Clarkston Sashabaw Cemetery L0058 5331 Maybee Road 1966 X
Clarkston Sashabaw United Presbyterian Church L0038 5331 Maybee Road 1965 X
Commerce Commerce United Methodist Church L1297 1155 North Commerce 1986 X
Commerce Township Byers Homestead L0280 213 Commerce Road 1977 X
Commerce Township Commerce Roller Mill L1155 Commerce Road North Side 1984 X
Commerce Twp Commerce Village Burying Ground L1775 Near 300 E. Commerce Rd 2004 X
Farmington First Quaker Meeting S0266 Grand River Ave 1962 X
Farmington Gov. Fred M. Warner S0371 33805 Grand River Road 1979 X
Farmington Methodist Episcopal Church L2195 33112 Grand River Ave 2007 X
Farmington Hills Aldrich House L0953 31110 Eleven Mile Road 1982 X
Farmington Hills Botsford Inn HB24 28000 Grand River Road at Eight Mile 1963 X
Farmington Hills The Chene House L2077 29920 Ardmore 2000 X
Farmington Hills David Simmons House L0964 22000 Haggerty Rd 1988 X
Farmington Hills Eber Durham House L1202 35835 Thirteen Mile Road 1986 X
Farmington Hills Glen Oaks L0960 30500 West Thirteen Mile Road 1986 X
Farmington Hills Goodenough-Spicer Stable L2005B 24915-C Farmington Road 1997 X
Farmington Hills Gray-Spicer House L2005 24915-C Farmington Road 1997 X
Farmington Hills John Garfield House L0957 35810 13 Mile Rd 1992 X
Farmington Hills Lawrence Simmons House L1110 33742 Twelve Mile Road 1985 X
Farmington Hills Lemuel Botsford House L0955 24414 Farmington Road 1988 X
Farmington Hills Nardin Park United Methodist Church L1771 29887 West Eleven Mile Road 1990 X
Farmington Hills Samuel Davis House L0963 32330 Twelve Mile Road 1994 X
Farmington Hills Spicer Barn L2005C 24915-C Farmington Road 1997 X
Farmington Hills Theron Murray House L0962 30943 Halstead Road 1989 X
Ferndale Ferndale School L1074 Nine Mile east of Woodward 1984 X
Ferndale Michigan's First Tri-Level Intersection S0705 Woodward North of Eight Mile Road 2007 X
Franklin Franklin Cemetery L2063 Franklin Road at Scenic 2006 X
Franklin Franklin Village L0011 Village Green Franklin Road 1960 X
Franklin Franklin Village School L0584 32220 Franklin Road 1977 X
Goodison Paint Creek Millrace L2105 Orion Road 2002 X
Highland Methodist Episcopal Church of Highland Station L0902 205 West Livingston 1988 X
Highland Township West Highland Cemetery L2221 924-1136 S Hickory Ridge Dr 2011 X
Holly Battle Alley L0602 Battle Alley at Broad Street 1978 X
Holly Crapo Park L0832 Martha Street and Washington Street 1980 X
Holly Holly's Railroads / Holly Union Depot L2220 223 Broad Street 2012
Holly Holly's Town Hall L1261 102 Front Street 1985 X
Holly Rose Township Hall L1026 204 Franklin Street 1987 X
Huntington Woods Fred A. Baker House L1360 10505 LaSalle Boulevard 1990 X
Huntington Woods Rackham Golf Course L2246 2012
Lake Orion Jesse Decker / Decker Settlement L2064 1330 E. Greenshield, west of Kern 2001 X
Lake Orion Lake Orion Methodist Church L0212 140 East Flint Street 1972 X
Lake Orion Predmore House L0709 244 North Broadway 1982 X
Lake Orion William E. Scripps / Estate S0711 1601 Joslyn Road 2009 X
Lakeville Lakeville Auxiliary Hall L0603 1469 Milmine St. 1988 X
Lakeville Lakeville Cemetery L2239 Drahner Rd 2012 X
Milford Hibbard Tavern L0650 115 Summitt 1980 X
Milford Oak Grove Cemetery L0743 1055 Garden Street 1981 X
Milford Priscilla Calkins Prior House L1958 835 N. Garner Road 1998 X
Milford Rowe House L0351 2360 Lone Tree Road 1976 X
Northville Stephen Yerkes Rodgers House L0557 39040 Nine Mile Road 1989 X
Novi Colonel Samuel White / Homestead L0891 46040 Nine Mile Road 1984 X
Novi Jacob and Rebecca Fuerst Farmstead L2083 24000 Taft Road 2000 X
Oakland Twp Axford-Coffin Farm L2113 388 West Predmore Road, 1/2 mile west of Rochester Road 2002 X
Oakland Twp. Paint Creek Cemetery L2185 Orion Road, west of Lake George Road 2006 X
Orchard Lake Chief Pontiac S0177 Pontiac Trail and Orchard Lake Road 1958 X
Orchard Lake Francis A. Emmendorfer / Emmendorfer House L1097 4121 Pontiac Trail. 1994 X
Orchard Lake Orchard Lake Chapel L0284 5171 Commerce Road 1974 X
Orchard Lake Orchard Lake Chapel L0284I 5171 Commerce Road 1990 X
Orchard Lake Orchard Lake Schools S0430 St. Marys School grounds next to castle 1995 X
Orion Township Carpenter - Rudd Mill L2087 Kern and Clarkston Roads 2001 X
Orion Township Howarth School L1059 Silver Bell Road at Bald Mountain Road 1988 X
Ortonville Ortonville Methodist Episcopal Church L1066 93 Church Street 1988 X
Oxford Harry Frink House S0614 2246 Oxford Rd. 1997 X
Oxford Oxford Savings Bank L1869 1 North Washington 1994 X
Pontiac Clinton Valley Center S0437 140 Elizabeth Lake Road 1978 X
Pontiac Elizabeth Denison Forth L1860 Oak Hill Cemetery 216 University Drive 1992 X
Pontiac First Baptist Church L0017 34 Oakland Avenue 1961 X
Pontiac First Methodist Episcopal Church L0015 14 Judson Street 1961 X
Pontiac First Presbyterian Church L0014 West Huron and Wayne Streets 1961 X
Pontiac Franklin Boulevard Historic District L1307 269 West Huron 1986 X
Pontiac Newman African Methodist Episcopal Church L1965 233 Bagley at Brush 1996 X
Pontiac Oak Hill Cemetery L1450 216 University Drive 1987 X
Pontiac Oakland County S0274 1200 North Telegraph 1970 X
Pontiac Pine Grove HB07 405 Oakland Avenue 1961 X
Pontiac St. Vincent de Paul Church L1403 150 East Wide Track 1988 X
Rochester Clinton-Kalamazoo Canal S0096 Yates Park, Dequindre Road 1957 X
Rochester George VanDeventer House L2036 404 West Third Street 1999 X
Rochester Masonic Block L1442 NE Corner Main and Fourth St. 1988 X
Rochester Mount Avon Cemetery L0710 2nd at Wilcox St. 1993 X
Rochester Rochester L0759 400 Sixth Street 1980 X
Rochester Rochester Opera House L1756 SE Corner Main and Fourth St. 1991 X
Rochester Rollin Sprague Building L2065 300 Main Street 2000 X
Rochester Township Hall L0642 407 Pine Street 1980 X
Rochester Western Knitting Mills L2125 400 Water Street 2003 X
Rochester Hills Meadow Brook Hall S0492 480 South Adams Road 1979 X
Rochester Hills Stoney Creek School L2158 1051 Washington Road 2005 X
Rochester Hills Stoney Creek Village L0174 1005 Van Hoosen Road 1982 X
Rochester Hills Stony Creek Cemetery L2175 Letica Drive 2006 X
Rochester Hills Stony Creek Masonic Lodge No. 5 / Mount Moriah S0651 Along Stoney Creek at Van Hoosen Farm 1996 X
Rochester Hills Winkler's Mill L0072 Marker removed to Stoney Brook Village at Van Hoosen Farm 1968 X
Rochester Hills Yates Cider Mill L2280 1990 East Avon Road 2016
Royal Oak Detroit Zoological Park S0659 8450 West Ten Mile Road 2000 X
Royal Oak First Baptist Church of Royal Oak L1610 309 North Main Street 1989 X
Royal Oak Orson Starr Home L0465 3123 North Main Street 1985 X
Royal Oak Roseland Park Mausoleum L1060 Woodward and Twelve Mile Road 1986 X
Royal Oak Royal Oak Methodist Episcopal Church L1562 320 West Seventh Street 1990 X
Royal Oak Royal Oak Township Cemetery L1967 Main Street South of 12 Mile 1998 X
Royal Oak Royal Oak Woman's Club L0679 404 South Pleasant Street 1985 X
Royal Oak Saginaw Trail / John Almon Starr House S0164 3123 Crooks Road 1977 X
Royal Oak Saint Mary Catholic Cemetery L1968 Main Street South of 12 Mile 1998 X
Royal Oak Township Carver Elementary School L1953 21272 Mendota 1996 X
Seymour Lake Seymour Lake Methodist Episcopal Church L1176 3050 Sashabaw Road 1987 X
South Lyon First Presbyterian Church L1932 205 East Lake St, corner Wells 1997 X
South Lyon First Presbyterian Church L1932I 205 East Lake St, at Wells 1995 X
South Lyon Witch's Hat Depot L0943 300 Dorothy Street 1984 X
Southfield Congregation Shaarey Zedek L1365 27375 Bell Road 1987 X
Southfield Lawrence Institute of Technology S0223 21000 West Ten Mile 1963 X
Southfield Mary Thompson House L2074 25630 Evergreen 2000 X
Southfield Pioneer Cemetery L1476 Lahser Rd North of Ten Mile 1989 X
Southfield Southfield Cemetery L1477 23520 Civic Center Dr 1989 X
Southfield Southfield Centre L1893 24350 Civic Center Dr. 1993 X
Southfield Southfield Town Hall L1709 26082 Berg Rd 1990 X
Southfield Southfield United Presbyterian Church L2026 21555 Ten Mile Rd. 1998 X
Troy Barn Church L0507 4230 Livernois 1978 X
Troy Historic Green L0762 60 West Wattles Road 1980 X
Troy Kresge Foundation S0426 3215 West Big Beaver Road 1974 X
Troy The Polar Bears L1516 White Chapel Cemetery, Square Lake @ Crooks 1988 X
Troy S.S. Kresge Co. S0425 3100 West Big Beaver Road 1975 X
Troy Troy Corners L0071 Livernois South of Square Lake Road 1968 X
Troy Troy Township L1876 Livernois south of Wattles Rd 1994 X
Troy Wattles House L0522 3864 Livernois 1977 X
Union Lake Hathaway - Hess Farm L1602 825 Williams Lake Road 1990 X
Union Lake St. Patrick's Church L0518 Union Lake Road @ Huthchins Road 1978 X
Walled Lake Stonecrest L0890 207 Liberty Street 1981 X
Waterford Four Towns Methodist Church L0061 6451 Cooley Lake Road 1966 X
West Bloomfield Twp Walter Flanders / Flanders Garage S0683 6470 Alden Ave 2004 X
White Lake Township Kelley-Fisk Farm L1868 9180 Highland Rd. 1993 X
White Lake Township White Lake Cemetery L1330 6190 White Lake Rd 1987 X
White Lake Township White Lake Township Hall L2106 7500 Highland Road 2002 X
Wixom Detroit Finnish Co-operative Summer Camp L2034 2524 Loon Lake Road 1999 X
Wixom Wixom Cemetery L1464 North Wixom Road North of West Maple Road 1989 X
Wixom Wixom-Wire House L1067 687 North Wixom Road 1985 X
Wolverine Lake Wolverine Lake L2163 Glengary Road Between Oakview and Tampa 2006 X
Oceana Benona Township Benona Township Hall L1674 7169 Baker Road. 1990 X
Golden Township Charles Mears Silver Lake Boarding House L1355 Lighthouse and Silver Lake Channel Roads 1990 X
Golden Twp Petite Pointe Au Sable Lighthouse L2243 North Lighthouse Dr 2014 X
Hart John Gurney Park L2210 Woodlawn Avenue at Katherine 2009 X
Pentwater Veterans' Day Storm / Graveyard of Ships S0571 421 South Hancock (Village Marina) 1986 X
Ogemaw Lupton Rose Township District No. 5 School L1933 3668 Cherry St. 1995 X
Ogemaw Springs Ogemaw Springs L2235 Maes Rd 2012 X
Rose City Cleveland Park Pavilion L2092 Cleveland Park 2001 X
Rose City Rose City / The Big Fire L2107 410 N. Williams (M-33) 2001 X
West Branch Frank Sebastian Smith House 124 East Houghton Avenue 2001
Ontonagon Carp Lake Township Porcupine Mountains S0167 M-107 in State Park 1958 X
Osceola Evart Joseph W. Guyton S0689 Guyton Park 2005 X
Evart North Evart United Methodist Church L1179 Ninetieth Avenue at Nine Mile Road 1986 X
Hersey Congregational Church L0682 216 South Main Street 1980 X
Marion Founding of Marion / Marion Mill Pond and Dam L2054 M-66 1999 X
Tustin John E. Larson Farm L2020 20432 Mackinaw Trail 1998 X
Tustin Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church L2136 18499 Twenty Mile Rd. 2004 X
Tustin "Unto a New Land" S0519 Southbound Rest Area US-131 1979 X
Oscoda Mio Mio Hydroelectric Plant S0685 Route No. 1, Pond Drive at the Au Sable River 2005 X
Mio Oscoda County / Courthouse L0135 311 S. Morenci Ave 2001 X
Otsego Gaylord First Congregational Church L1635 218 W 2nd St. 1992 X
Gaylord Frank and Rae Kramer House L1884 221 North Center 1994 X
Gaylord Otsego County S0219 225 West Main Street 1961 X
Gaylord St. Mary's Catholic Church L2149 147 N. Otsego St. 2005 X
Ottawa Blendon Township Blendon Landing L1743 Grand Valley State University 1990 X
Coopersville Interurban Depot L0199 363 Main St 1998 X
Drenthe Drenthe Christian Reformed Church L0905 6344 Adams Street 1981 X
Grand Haven Central School L1655 106 South Sixth Street 1989 X
Grand Haven Grand Haven S0289 Rix Robinson Park 1968 X
Grand Haven Grand Trunk Depot L0785 1 North Harbor Avenue 1981 X
Grand Haven Highland Park Association L1308 Highland Drive 1986 X
Grand Haven Khardomah Lodge / Susan Hill Yerkes L1751 1365 Lake Avenue 2000 X
Grand Haven Shipwrecks and the Coast Guard / The Escanaba L1831 Harbor Dr. 1991 X
Holland The Cappon House / Isaac Cappon L1134 228 West Ninth Street 1984 X
Holland Central Avenue Christian Reformed Church L1780 1 Grave Place at Central Avenue 1990 X
Holland Central Park Chapel L2118a 550 Grove Drive 2002 X
Holland De Zwaan Windmill 1 Lincoln Ave 2017
Holland Dutch in Michigan S0089 Centennial Park Central Avenue 1957 X
Holland First United Methodist Church L1350 57 West Tenth Street 1986 X
Holland Grace Episcopal Church 555 Michigan Ave 2017
Holland Holland City Hall and Firehouse No. 2 L0551 108 E. Eighth St. 1993 X
Holland Holland Harbor / Holland Harbor Lighthouse L0394 South Pier Holland State Park 1987 X
Holland Holland Post Office L2027 31 West 10th Street 1997 X
Holland Hope Church: Reformed Church in America L1648 77 West Eleventh Street 1991 X
Holland Hope College S0231 Twelfth Street at College Avenue 1963 X
Holland The Netherlands Museum L0622 8 East Twelfth Street 1985 X
Holland New Groningen Cemetery / Groningen L2095 106th Ave between Perry St. and Paw Paw Dr. 2001 X
Holland Ninth Street Christian Reformed Church HB37 Ninth Street at College Avenue 1975 X
Holland Noordeloos / Noordeloos Christian Reformed Church L1744 4075 112th Avenue 1990 X
Holland Ottawa Beach L2108 Ottawa Beach Road 2002 X
Holland Third Reformed Church HB49 110 West Twelfth Street 1970 X
Holland The Van Raalte Farm S0608 1076 East 16th Street 1995 X
Holland Van Vleck Hall L0464 Hope College Campus 1976 X
Holland West Michigan Furniture Company Building L1840 195 W. Eighth St. 1993 X
Holland Western Theological Seminary S0276 Twelfth Street at College Avenue 1966 X
Holland Woman's Literary Club L1758 235 Central Avenue 1991 X
Jamestown Jamestown Reformed Church L1520 2340 Riley St 1989 X
Jenison Jenison Museum L0209 28 Port Sheldon Drive 1979 X
Olive Township Jacobus Klanderman Homestead L1269 6091 96th Avenue 1986 X
Olive Township South Olive Christian Reformed Church L1177 6200 120th Ave 1985 X
Park Township Marigold Lodge S0556 1116 Hazel Ave 1985 X
Park Township Waukazoo Woods L1236 Post and Waukazoo Dr 1985 X
Spring Lake Aloys Bilz House L1302 107 South Division 1988 X
Spring Lake Winsor McCay S0714 123 East Exchange Street 2009 X
Spring Lake Township DeWitt School L0640 17710 West Taft Street 1982 X
Vriesland 1869 Vriesland Reformed Church L0482 6641 Byron Rd 1979 X
Zeeland First Reformed Church L0397 148 East Central Ave 1976 X
Zeeland Michigan's "Chick Center" L2218 Church Street and Central Avenue 2010 X
Zeeland New Groningen / Jan Rabbers L2096 10542 Chicago Dr. at BR-196 2001 X
Zeeland P. Henry De Pree House L1698 360 E. Central Avenue 2013 X
Zeeland Veneklasen Brick Company L2217 104th Avenue and Paw Paw Drive 2010 X
Zeeland Zeeland Cemetery L2081 Lincoln and Church Streets 2000 X
Pennsylvania Waynesboro Battle of Monterey Pass / Michigan Cavalry Brigade S0726 14325 Buchanan Trail East 2012 X
Presque Isle Bearinger Township Lake Huron S0119 Roadside Park US-23 1957 X
Bearinger Twp Bearinger Union School L2117 17034 Town Hall Highway 2002 X
Grand Lake John Kauffman House L1890 7993 East Grand Lake Rd 2014 X
Metz The Metz Fire S0299 Metz Township Hall 1970 X
Posen Elowsky Mill L2089 Leer and Long Lake Roads 2002 X
Posen Presque Isle Electric Cooperative Monument L1469 10957 Michigan Street 1987 X
Presque Isle Burnham's Landing L1877 Grand Lake Road @ foot of Pine View St. 1993 X
Presque Isle Old Presque Isle Lighthouse L0039 5295 East Grand Lake Rd 1965 X
Presque Isle Presque Isle Light Station L1563 4500 East Grand Lake Rd 1991 X
Presque Isle Township Presque Isle Front Range Light L2176 5779 East Grand Lake Rd 2006 X
Presque Isle Twp Presque Isle Lodge L2228 8211 East Grand Lake Rd 2012 X
Rogers City World's Largest Limestone Quarry S0214 1035 Calcite Rd 1960 X
Rogers Township Forty Mile Point Lighthouse / Graveyard of Ships L2186 US-23, 7 mi north of Rogers City 2007 X
Roscommon Prudenville Prudenville / Roscommon Lumber Co. L2257 Trestle Park, M-55 at M-18 2014 X
Roscommon Gerrish L0760 2997 East Higgins Lake Drive 1980 X
Roscommon Pioneer House L2073 900 Lake Street 2002 X
Roscommon Terney House L0631 603 Lake St. 1978 X
Saginaw Burt Burt Opera House / Wellington R. Burt L0406 Nichols Rd 1979 X
Chesaning George Nason House L1035 605 West Broad St 1985 X
Chesaning Leamington Stewart House L1432 505 West Broad St 1990 X
Frankenmuth Frankenmuth / Saint Lorenz Evangelical Lutheran Church L1729 10145 W. Tuscola 1994 X
Frankenmuth Frankenmuth Bavarian Inn L1577 713 South Main 1988 X
Frankenmuth Michigan's German Settlers S0170 Outside Zehnder's Restaurant 1958 X
Frankenmuth Township Gugel Bridge L2168 Beyer Road at the Cass River 2009 X
Freeland Freeland United Methodist Church L1608 205 East Washington 1989 X
Fremont Township Fowler Schoolhouse L1687 13240 West Townline 1990 X
Maple Grove Township Presbyterian Church of South Saginaw L0921 2312 South Washington 1982 X
Maple Grove Township Saint Michael Catholic Parish L1982 17994 Lincoln Road 1996 X
Saginaw Bliss Park L2035 1477 N. Michigan Ave. 2003 X
Saginaw The Cushway House / Benjamin and Adelaide Cushway L0183 Rust Park 2006 X
Saginaw First Congregational Church L2039 403 South Jefferson 1999 X
Saginaw First Presbyterian Church L2229 121 South Harrison Street 2012 X
Saginaw Hoyt Library L2040 505 Janes Street 2000 X
Saginaw Hoyt Shelter and Field House Hoyt Park S. Washington Ave 2017
Saginaw Jeffers Park L2244 600 Federal Ave 2012 X
Saginaw Saginaw Club L0290 219 North Washington 1974 X
Saginaw Saginaw Oil Industry S0671 1800 Weiss at Mershon 2001 X
Saginaw Saginaw Post Office L0125 500 Federal Avenue 1995 X
Saginaw Saginaw Valley Lumbering Era L0415 111 South Michigan 1975 X
Saginaw St. Mary's Hospital L0289 830 South Jefferson 1974 X
Saginaw Theodore Roetke / Childhood Home S0669 1805 Gratiot Ave 2000 X
Spaulding Township Hess School L0585 1520 Houlihan Rd 1980 X
St. Charles Coal Mine No. 8 L0869 12633 Beaver Rd. 1982 X
St. Charles Saginaw Valley Coal S0362 Park, M-52 at Parkway 1972 X
St. Charles Shroeder House L0877 12633 Beaver Rd. 1982 X
St. Clarles Early St. Charles L2151 Lumberjack Park 2005 X
Taymouth Township St. Paul's Episcopal Mission L0494 Seymour Rd 1990 X
Taymouth Twp. Morseville Bridge L2085a Burt Road East of Seymour Road 2000 X
Saint Clair Algonac Clay Township Library L0711 1240 St. Clair River Drive 1985 X
Algonac St. Andrew's Parish S0124A 1507 St. Clair River Dr. 1992 X
Algonac St. Clair River S0124 Across M-29 from State Park 1957 X
Algonac Water Speed Capital S0537 805 St. Clair River Drive 1981 X
Allenton Almont Society of the New Church L1223 Cameron and Tubsprings Roads 2000 X
Brockway Township Cole United Methodist Church L1568 7015 Carson Road at Wilkes Road 1988 X
Burtchville Township Port Huron Statement Lakeport State Park 2015
Capac Capac's Early Railroad Depots L2292 Old M-21 2017
Clay Township North Channel Shooting Club L1488 1001 North Channel 1990 X
Clay Twp. Colony Tower L0805 6503 Dyke Rd. 1993 X
Emmett Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish / John F. Farrell L2131 10828 Brandon Rd 2004 X
Fairhaven St Mary's Cemetery L2295 6890 Church Rd 2017
Ft Gratiot Lake Huron Water Supply Project / Tunnel Explosion L2219 Ft. Gratiot County Park 2011 X
Goodells Wales Township Hall L1983 1372 Wales Center Road 1999 X
Harsens Island Stewart Farm / Memoir of Aura Stewart L2128 2007 Stewart Rd 2004 X
Harsen's Island Harsen House L0511 2006 Golf Course Road 1979 X
Marine City East China Fractional School District No. 2 L1833 696 Meisner Road 1993 X
Marine City Greenwood Cemetery L1969 444 Pleasant St 1996 X
Marine City Holy Cross Parish L0546 610 South Water Street 1978 X
Marine City Marine City L0461 300 Broadway 1978 X
Marine City Newport Academy L0683 405 South Main Street 1980 X
Marine City David and Laura Lester House L2197 406 S. Main St., 2008 X
Marysville C. H. Wills & Company L1100 East Huron between Busha Hwy and River Road 1983 X
Port Huron Davidson House L0220 1707 Military Street 1973 X
Port Huron E. C. Williams House L1901 2511-2513 Tenth Ave. 1994 X
Port Huron First International Tunnel S0081 Originally on Military Street, now located on 16th St. at Grand Trunk mainline 1963 X
Port Huron Fort Gratiot Light S0332 2750 Omar Street 1971 X
Port Huron Fort St. Joseph S0080 540 Elmwood St 1957 X
Port Huron Harrington Hotel / Truman Honeymoon L0970 1026 Military 1996 X
Port Huron Huron Lightship S0404 Pine Grove Park 1973 X
Port Huron Jefferson Sheldon House L1738 807 Prospect, North of Pine Grove Park 1992 X
Port Huron Methodist Episcopal Church L1506 2503 Cherry 1995 X
Port Huron Port Huron High School L1609 Erie Street at McMorran 1990 X
Port Huron Port Huron Public Library L2160 1115 Sixth Street 2006 X
Port Huron Port Huron to Mackinac Race S0734B 300 Quay Street 2015 X
Port Huron St. John's United Church of Christ L0796 710 Pine Street 1980 X
Port Huron Shiloh Baptist Church L2164 2801 Nern St. 2006 X
Port Huron Tom Edison at Grand Trunk S0283 500 Edison Parkway (under Blue Water Bridge) 1967 X
Port Huron Trinity Lutheran Church L1993 10th Street and Griswold Street 1999 X
Port Huron Women's Benefit Association L1605 1338 Military Street 1989 X
St. Clair Diamond Crystal Salt Company L2145 916 South Riverside Dr 2004 X
St. Clair First Baptist Church of St. Clair L1456 308 South Fourth Street 1991 X
St. Clair First Congregational Church L0712 300 Adams Behind Riverview Plaza 1981 X
St. Clair St. Clair Inn L1921 500 North Riverside Drive 1995 X
St. Clair St. Mary's Church L1270A 415 North Sixth 1987 X
St. Clair St. Mary's Rectory L1270B 415 North Sixth 1987 X
Yale James McColl House L0870 205 South Main Street 1984 X
Saint Joseph Centreville Leverett and Amanda Clapp House L2201 324 W. Main St. 2009 X
Centreville St. Joseph County Courthouse L1150 15 West Main 1988 X
Centreville Stewart House L0248 M-86 at Holtom Rd 1978 X
Colon Colon / Harry Blackstone L0526 Community Park , West State St. 1977 X
Colon Colon Township Library L1271 128 South Blackstone Ave 1986 X
Constantine Constantine United Methodist Church L1190 285 White Pigeon St 1986 X
Constantine Heywood House L1094 180 East Third St. 1984 X
Constantine Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church L1810 185 W. Fifth St. 1991 X
Mottville Township Mottville Bridge S0576 US-12 at St. Joseph River 1989 X
Nottawa Township Langley Covered Bridge L0056 Covered Bridge Rd 1965 X
Sturgis Sturges-Young Auditorium L2169 201 North Nottawa St 2006 X
Three Rivers Historic District L1044 66 North Main 1986 X
Three Rivers Old Three Rivers Public Library L1315 107 North Main 1984 X
Three Rivers Sue Silliman House L0400 116 South Main 1976 X
Three Rivers Three Rivers S0150 Scidmore Park 1957 X
White Pigeon Chief Wahbememe Burial Site L1521 NW corner US-12 and US-131 2000 X
White Pigeon U.S. Land Office L1205 113 West Chicago 1999 X
Sanilac Brown City Brown City Banner L1897 North Side of Main St. 1994 X
Brown City Brown City Community Schools L1187A 4290 Second Street 1986 X
Croswell Buel Methodist Episcopal Church L1187B M-90 west of Croswell 1987 X
Croswell Trinity Church L0514 124 North Howard 1977 X
Lexington Charles H. Moore Library L0543 M-90 west of M-25 1987 X
Lexington Old Town Hall & Masonic Lodge L0997 5475 Main 1987 X
Lexington Sport S0636 45 feet deep in Lake Huron 1992 M
Lexington Trinity Church S0421 5646 Main St 1977 X
Marlette Flint and Pere Marquette Depot L2101 Between Depot and Main 2002 X
Marlette The Marlette District Library L0713 3116 North Main 1987 X
Marlette Methodist Episcopal Church L2121 3155 Main St. 2002 X
Port Sanilac Great Storm of 1913 S0110 M-25 Roadside Park 1957 X
Port Sanilac Loop Harrison House L0172 228 South Ridge 1971 X
Port Sanilac Masonic and Town Hall L0684 20 N. Ridge St. 2002 X
Watertown Township Village of Cash L2256 2500 Cash Road 2014 X
Worth Township Matthews Farm L1926 5916 Gardner Line Rd. 1995 X
Schoolcraft Manistique Bishop Baraga's First Church S0146 Arrowhead Rd 1958 X
Manistique Township Lime Kilns L0040 North of US-2 on Gardapee Rd. 1968 M
Thompson Thompson / Christmas Tree Ship S0696 US-2 2006 X
Shiawasse Shaftsburg Woodhull Township Hall / Shaftsburg School L2288 7315 W Beard Rd 2016 X
Shiawassee Bancroft Knaggs Bridge Area L0032 Cole Road 1963 X
Byron Byron L0287 312 West Maple 1974 X
Byron Byron Cemetery L1960 Hamilton and East Streets 1998 X
Byron Ellen May Tower / Spanish - American War Nurse L1619 325 West Maple 1989 X
Caledonia Township Michigan's First Coal Mine L1470 M-21 east of State Rd 1988 X
Corunna Corunna Public Schools / Shiawassee Street School L1514 106 South Shiawassee 1989 X
Corunna First National Bank L1012 201 North Shiawassee 1987 X
Corunna Governor Andrew Parsons S0295 318 McNeil St. 1969 X
Corunna Hugh McCurdy / Hugh McCurdy Park L1734 Corunna Ave at Emma Ave 1990 X
Corunna Shiawassee County Courthouse L0366 218 North Shiawassee 1975 X
Durand Durand Railroad History / Knights Templar Special S0578 205 West Clinton 1986 X
Durand Durand Union Station S0316 200 Railroad Street 1987 X
Hazelton Twp Hazelton L2171 New Lothrop Rd, South of Henderson 2006 X
Juddville Judd's Corners L1858 9000 Juddville Rd. 1992 X
Morrice Saint Mary's Church L1873 505 Main St. 1992 X
New Lothrop Methodist Episcopal Church L1679 7494 Orchard St 1992 X
Owosso Birthplace of Thomas Edmund Dewey S0376 313 West Main 1972 X
Owosso Comstock Cabin L0773 Curwood Castle Drive 1980 X
Owosso Curwood Castle HB59 Curwood Castle Drive 1970 X
Owosso First Congregational Church and Society L1806 327 N. Washington 1995 X
Owosso Herman C. Frieske House / Frederick Carl Frieske L1419 654 North Water 1987 X
Perry "Old Perry Centre" L1398 M-52 at Ellsworth Rd 1987 X
Shiawassee Township Maple River L0595 East Bennington at Colby 1979 X
Tennessee Murfreesboro, Tn Stones River S0279 Stones River Natl. Battlefield 1966 X
Tuscola Caro Caro Masonic Temple L1349 156 North State 1987 X
Caro First Presbyterian Church of Caro L1257 215 North Almer 1985 X
Caro Peninsular Sugar Refining Company S0432 725 South Almer 1977 X
Caro Trinity Episcopal Church L0359 106 Joy Street 1975 X
Caro Tuscola County Advertiser L1326 344 North State Street 1986 X
Caro Tuscola County Courthouse L1045 440 North State Street 1984 X
Caro Tuscola County Fair L0928 700 South Almer 1981 X
Caro William H. Carson House L0517 604 West Burnside 2001 X
Cass City Elkland Township Hall L0714 West at Main Street 1980 X
Cass City First Presbyterian Church L2216 Church and Seeger Streets 2009 X
Elkland Twp State Reward Road No. 1 S0702 Cass City Rd at Schwegler Rd 2007 X
Gagetown Gagetown L2269 4618 South St. 2015 X
Gilford Township Gilford United Methodist Church L1614 35 North Bradleyville Rd. 1989 X
Millington Millington Bank L1971 8534 State Street 1996 X
Millington Millington School District No.2 L1907 Gleason Street at Millington Street 1994 X
Richville Frankenhilf L0540 3455 South Van Buren Street 1977 X
Vassar Silas A. Lane House L0310 301 Prospect 1992 X
Vassar Vassar's Logging Era L0052 M-15 at Cass River 1965 X
Vassar Wightman Building L2011 113 -115 South Main Street 1998 X
Watrousville Juniata House L2259 4570 West Caro Rd 2014 X
Watrousville Watrous General Store L0247 4607 West Caro Rd 1974 X
Watrousville Watrousville United Methodist Church L1425 4446 West Caro Rd 1987 X
Wisner Township Indian Dave L0761 M-25 east of Conger Rd 1981 X
Van Buren Bloomingdale Bloomingdale Depot / Kalamazoo and South Haven Railroad L1245 Kalamazoo at Van Buren Street 1987 X
Covert First Congregational Church L0718 34th St. East of M-140 1996 X
Covert Township Covert Library L0416 Main Street 1975 X
Decatur Decatur Township Hall L0716 103 East Delaware 1981 X
Decatur Hamilton Grange Hall L2111 84040 County Rd 215 2002 X
Hartford Van Buren County Poorhouse L0430 6215 Red Arrow Highway 1977 X
Lawton Houppert Winery L2017 646 North Nursery 1999 X
Paw Paw Isaac Watts Willard L2264 South Kalamazoo Street 2014 X
Paw Paw Paw Paw Public Library L2114 129 South Kalamazoo Street 2002 X
Paw Paw St. Mark's Church / The Reverend Darius Barker L1375 609 East Michigan Ave 1987 X
Paw Paw Territorial Road S0163 Old US-12 near State Police Post 1959 X
Paw Paw Van Buren County / Courthouse L0556 Paw Paw Street 1977 X
Paw Paw Warner Wine Haus L0939 706 South Kalamazoo 1982 X
South Haven Hartman School L1095 355 Hubbard Street 1985 X
South Haven Haven Peaches S0277 220 Dyckman St.
Stanley Johnston Park
1966 X
South Haven Indiana School L1173 615 Indiana Avenue 1986 X
South Haven Liberty Hyde Bailey S0243 903 Bailey Avenue 1964 X
South Haven Scott Club L0807 652 Phoenix Street 1981 X
South Haven West Michigan Summer Resorts / Jewish Resorts L2212 265 North Shore Dr 2010 X
Washtenaw Ann Arbor Antislavery Society S0488 340 East Huron Street 1976 X
Ann Arbor Bethlehem United Church of Christ L1046 423 South Fourth Avenue 1983 X
Ann Arbor Central Title Service Building S0584 213 East Washington 1986 X
Ann Arbor Delta Upsilon Fraternity L1834 1331 Hill St. 1991 X
Ann Arbor Earhart Manor L2028 4090 Geddes Rd. 1999 X
Ann Arbor Governor Alpheus Felch S0415 University of Michigan campus ,121 Fletcher 1973 X
Ann Arbor Kempf House L0236 312 South Division 1988 X
Ann Arbor Martha Cook Building S0601 906 South University 1990 X
Ann Arbor Michigan Becomes a State S0261 North Main and East Huron 1966 X
Ann Arbor Michigan Central Railroad Depot L0339 401 Depot Street 1976 X
Ann Arbor Michigan Municipal League S0640 1675 Green St. 1990 X
Ann Arbor Michigan's First Jewish Cemetery L1039 About 120 Fletcher Across from the Power Center 1983 X
Ann Arbor Phi Delta Theta Fraternity House L1075 1437 Washtenaw 1984 X
Ann Arbor St. Thomas the Apostle Church L1181 East Kingsley and North State Streets 1985 X
Ann Arbor Ticknor-Campbell House L0237 2781 Packard Road 1981 X
Ann Arbor University of Michigan S0037 Near Graduate Library 1957 X
Bridgewater Township Bridgewater Town Hall L1486 10990 Clinton Road 1989 X
Chelsea Chelsea / Chelsea Depot L1356 150 Jackson Street 1988 X
Chelsea First Congregational Church L1956 121 East Middle St. 1997 X
Chelsea John Cassidy House L0505 17980 Waterloo Road 1996 X
Chelsea The Welfare Building S0524 300 North Main 1986 X
Chelsea Zion Lutheran Church {Chelsea] L0756 3050 S. Fletcher Rd. 1994 X
Dexter Dexter Depot / Track Pans L1303 3487 Broad Street 1987 X
Dexter Hudson Mills L0110 Hudson Mills Metro Park 1971 X
Dexter St. Joseph Catholic Church L0626 3430 Dover Street 1979 X
Dexter Township North Lake Methodist Church L0193 14111 North Territorial Road 1972 X
Dexter Twp Bell Road Bridge / Dover L2030 Bell Road at Huron River 1999 X
Freedom Township Bethel Church L1666 10425 Bethel Church Road 1990 X
Freedom Township Thomas Church / St. Thomas Cemetery L1857 10001 W. Ellsworth 1994 X
Manchester Blacksmith Shop L1086 324 East Main St 1983 X
Manchester Fountain-Bessac House L1335 102 West Main 1987 X
Manchester The German Church L1404 324 West Main 1989 X
Manchester Manchester Township Library / James A. Lynch House L1384 202 West Main 1988 X
Manchester Saint Mary Church L1830 210 W. Main St. 1992 X
Manchester Salem Church L0799 19980 Pleasant Lake Rd. 1993 X
Northfield Township St. Patrick's Church S0494 Northfield Church and Whitmore Lake Roads 1981 X
Pittsfield Twp Sutherland - Wilson Farm L2261 797 Textile Road 2014 X
Salem Township John Wesley Conant House L1700 5683 Napier Rd. 1992 X
Saline Davenport House L0210 300 East Michigan Avenue 1979 X
Saline Saline Presbyterian Church L1940 143 East Michigan Ave. 1998 X
Saline Salt Springs / Saline L2285 104 South Ann Arbor St 2017 X
Scio Twp Delhi Bridge L2227 Delhi Rd 2012 X
Webster Township Webster Township Hall L1047 5001 Gregory 1983 X
Webster Township Webster United Church of Christ L0855 5484 Webster Church Rd 1983 X
Webster Twp Samuel W Dexter / Gordon Hall HB25 8347 Island Lake Road
Ypsilanti The Barracks / Ypsilanti in the Civil War S0724 404-412 North River Street 2012 X
Ypsilanti Cleary College S0553 2170 Washtenaw Ave 1983 X
Ypsilanti Eastern Michigan College S0094 College Place and Cross Avenue 1957 X
Ypsilanti Elijah McCoy S0642 Ypsilanti District Library 229 W. Michigan 1994 X
Ypsilanti First Methodist Episcopal Church L1961 209 Washtenaw Avenue 2000 X
Ypsilanti First Presbyterian Church L1615 300 N. Washington St. 1993 X
Ypsilanti Ladies Literary Club HB47 218 North Washington 1965 X
Ypsilanti Michigan Central Freighthouse L2029 435 Market Place 2000 X
Ypsilanti Michigan's Interurbans S0128 E. Michigan at N. Park 1958 X
Ypsilanti Prospect Park L1137 Prospect Avenue and Cross Avenue 1985 X
Ypsilanti Ypsilanti S0237 220 North Huron 1963 X
Ypsilanti Ypsilanti Water Tower L1591 Cross and Summitt 1989 X
Ypsilanti Township Willow Run S0509 Airport Drive 1978 X
Wayne Allen Park Aaron Greeley - St Cosme Line Road S0366 16850 Southfield Rd. 1975 X
Belleville Old Rawsonville Village L1129 Rawsonville Rd south of I-94 1985 X
Belleville Old Van Buren Township Hall L0255 405 Main St 1983 X
Brownstrown Twp Hull's Trace S0725 36000 W Jefferson Avenue 2012 X
Canton Canton Center School L0719 1150 South Canton Center Rd 1989 X
Canton Cherry Hill School L1638 50440 Cherry Hill Rd 1991 X
Canton Cherry Hill United Methodist Church L0829 321 Ridge Rd 1986 X
Canton Sheldon's Corners L1238 Michigan Avenue and Sheldon Rd 1987 X
Dearborn Charles A. Kandt House L1765 22331 Morley 1998 X
Dearborn Commandant's Quarters HB04 21950 Michigan Avenue 1977 X
Dearborn Dearborn Hills Golf Club L1629 3001 South Telegraph Rd. 1989 X
Dearborn Dearborn Inn / Colonial Homes & Adjacent Buildings L1070 20301 Oakwood Blvd 1983 X
Dearborn The Edison Institute S0251 Village Road 1965 X
Dearborn Fair Lane Manor HB17 4901 Evergreen 1978 X
Dearborn Ford Airport / Ford Tri-Motor S0126 20301 Oakwood Blvd 1958 X
Dearborn Ford Rouge Plant S0493B Miller Rd at Plant Tour Entrance 1977 X
Dearborn Ford Rouge Plant S0493A Shaeffer Road, south of I-94 1977 X
Dearborn Fordson High School S0660 13800 Ford Road 1998 X
Dearborn Henry Ford Birthplace S0236 Condominium parking lot Ford Road at Greenfield 1963 X
Dearborn Orville L. Hubbard / Dearborn City Hall Complex L1152 13615 Michigan Avenue 1984 X
Dearborn Saint Alphonsus Parish Complex / Church L1994 7455 Calhoun St. 1997 X
Dearborn St. Joseph's Retreat S0386 23300 Michigan Avenue 1974 X
Dearborn Heights Nowlin Cemetery 5649 Madison Street 2016
Dearborn Heights Wallaceville School L0067 8050 North Gulley 1967 X
Detroit Alpha House L0549 293 Eliot St. 1979 X
Detroit American Academy of Pediatrics S0534 3990 John R St 1980 X
Detroit Assumption Roman Catholic Church / Grotto L1764 13770 Gratiot Avenue near Six Mile Road 1992 X
Detroit Bailey Temple Church of God in Christ L2274 5370 McKinley St 2015 X
Detroit Battle of Bloody Run S0070 3321 East Jefferson Ave. 1977 X
Detroit Belle Isle S0529 Near Belle Isle Casino 1979 X
Detroit Police Dispatch Radio S0529a Belle Isle 2008 X
Detroit Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church L0388 5050 St. Antoine 1977 X
Detroit Birth of Kiwanis S0254A Griswold and Grand River 1964 X
Detroit Birthplace of Dr. Ralph J. Bunche S0363 5668 Anthon St. 1972 M
Detroit Birthplace of Ford Automobile S0062 220 Bagley Avenue 1980 X
Detroit Bishop's Residence S0609 1880 Wellesley Drive 1995 X
Detroit Brewster Homes S0650 Mack @ I-75 1995 X
Detroit Brodhead Naval Armory L0844 7600 East Jefferson 1960 M
Detroit Cass Community United Methodist Church L1224 3901 Cass Avenue 1986 X
Detroit Central United Methodist Church L0535 23 East Adams 1979 X
Detroit Central Woodward Christian Church L1891 9000 Woodward Ave 1994 X
Detroit Chapman Abraham / Jewish Soldiers in the Civil War S0687 Tricentennial State Park, Atwater Street 2007 X
Detroit Chapoton House L0808 511 Beaubien 1987 X
Detroit Chicago Road S0280 Michigan Aveneue at Washington 1966 X
Detroit Church of the Annunciation L1174 707 East Lafayette 1980 X
Detroit Conant Gardens L1694 Conant @ Nevada 1990 X
Detroit Dakota Inn Rathskeller L1564 17324 John R. 1994 X
Detroit David Dunbar Buick / Buick Motor Company S0675 Jefferson Avenue next to GM World HQ 2002 X
Detroit David Augustus Straker L0374 428 Temple 1978 X
Detroit David Whitney Building S0743 1 Park Avenue 2016 X
Detroit David Whitney, Jr. Residence S0358 4421 Woodward 1980 X
Detroit Detroit Association of Women's Clubs L1207 5461 Brush Street 1986 X
Detroit Detroit College of Law S0554 130 E. Elizabeth St. 1983 X
Detroit Detroit Copper & Brass L0685 174 South Clark 1980 X
Detroit Detroit Cornice & Slate L0175 733 St. Antoine 1975 X
Detroit Detroit Free Press Building S0535 321 West Lafayette Blvd. 1981 X
Detroit The Detroit Free Press S0665 600 Fort Street 2000 X
Detroit Detroit July 1967 S0746 Gordon Park 2017 X
Detroit Detroit Medical College S0287 3800 Woodward 1967 X
Detroit Detroit Memorial Hospital S0424 St. Antoine 1974 M
Detroit The Detroit News S0459 615 Lafayette 1976 X
Detroit Detroit Plaindealer S0450 SW Corner Shelby & State Book-Cadillac Hotel 1977 M
Detroit Detroit Urban League L0443 208 Mack Ave. 1979 X
Detroit Duane Doty School L2250 10225 3rd Street 2013
Detroit Dunbar Hospital L0478A 580 Frederick 1979 X
Detroit Early Detroit: 1701-1760 S0038 152 West Jefferson 1958 X
Detroit Eastern Liggett School L2281 2555 Burns St 2016 X
Detroit Elijah McCoy Homesite L0362 Elijah McCoy Dr. at Lincoln 1975 X
Detroit Elmwood Cemetery S0453 Robert Bradley Dr 1977 X
Detroit Fannie Richards Homesite L0364 Rivard Near East Lafayette 1975 X
Detroit Finney Barn S0069 NE corner State & Griswold 1980 X
Detroit First Congregational Church of Detroit L0329 33 East Forest 1976 X
Detroit First Jewish Religious Service L0516 Congress at the end of St. Antoine 1977 X
Detroit First Michigan Colored Regiment S0288 Macomb East of Chene, Duffield School 1977 X
Detroit First Mile of Concrete Highway S0123 Palmer Park Woodward Ave. 1957 X
Detroit First Presbyterian Church L0525 2930 Woodward 1980 X
Detroit First Unitarian Universalist Church L0497 4605 Cass Avenue 1986 X
Detroit Fisher Building S0474 Grand Blvd at Woodward 1978 X
Detroit Ford Building S0727 615 Griswold Street 2012 X
Detroit Ford Hunger March S0635 Fort Street Rouge River Bridge 1992 X
Detroit Ford Motor Company L0594 Hart Plaza 1978 X
Detroit Ford Piquette Plant S0681 Piquette at Beaubien 2004 X
Detroit Fort Lernoult S0071 Fort and Shelby Streets 1964 X
Detroit Fort Pontchartrain S0027 Ponchartrain Hotel off Jefferson 1967 X
Detroit Fort Street Presbyterian Church L0101 631 West Fort 1971 X
Detroit Fort Wayne S0182 6825 West Jefferson 1977 X
Detroit Frederick Douglas - John Brown Meeting S0224 Congress at the end of St. Antoine 1962 X
Detroit Ste. Anne Church / Gabriel Richard S0464 Howard and St. Anne 1985 X
Detroit George DeBaptiste Homesite S0452 East Larned and Beaubien 1975 X
Detroit Germantown / Harmonie Club S0473 Harmonie Park E. Grand River at Centre Street 2001 X
Detroit Greater Shiloh Baptist Church L1617 557 Benton 1994 X
Detroit Hartford Memorial Baptist Church L2268 18700 James Couzens Fwy 2015 X
Detroit Henry Ford House L1323 140 Edison Avenue 1989 X
Detroit Hilberry Theatre L1037 4743 Cass 1982 X
Detroit Holy Family Church L1627 641 Walter Chrysler Drive 1990 X
Detroit Indian Village S0349 Iroquis at Vernor Hwy. 1978 X
Detroit James A. Bailey S0504 Cobo Hall Lobby 1978 X
Detroit James H. Vhay House L1607 60 Charlotte 1996 X
Detroit James Smith House L1770 2015 Clements 1991 X
Detroit Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian Church L2155 8625 East Jefferson Avenue 2006 X
Detroit Joe Muer's Oyster House L0720 2000 Gratiot Avenue 1981 X
Detroit Joseph H. Esterling House L1006 2245 Wabash 1983 X
Detroit L. B. King and Company Building L1376 1274 Library Ave 1989 X
Detroit Landing of Cadillac S0515 Hart Plaza 1979 X
Detroit Le Cote' Du Nord-Est S0435 Joseph Campau along the River. At the Rattlesnake Club. 1975 X
Detroit Lewis College of Business L1565 5450 John R Street 1988 X
Detroit Mackenzie House S0514 4735 Cass Avenue 1979 X
Detroit Mariners' Church / U.S. Topographical Engineers HB11 170 East Jefferson 1997 X
Detroit Martin Kundig L0398 3300 Jeffries Service Drive 1975 X
Detroit The Merrill-Palmer Institute / Charles Lang Freer House S0315 71 East Ferry St. 2003 X
Detroit Michigan State Fair S0172 Fair grounds near band shell 1958 X
Detroit Michigan State Medical Society S0270 85 Woodward Ave. 1965 M
Detroit The Michigan Stove S0661 State Fair Grounds 1998 X
Detroit Michigan's First Capitol / Capitol Union School S0074 Capitol Park, 1200 Griswold 2010 X
Detroit Motown S0592 2648 West Grand Blvd. 1987 X
Detroit Music Hall L0467 350 Madison Ave 1978 X
Detroit North Woodward Avenue Congregational Church L2044 8715 Woodward 1999 X
Detroit Old City Hall HB18 Kennedy Square, Woodward and Michigan 1971 X
Detroit Oldest Jewish Cemetery S0241 3371 East Layfayette accessable from inside Elmwood Cemetery 1973 X
Detroit Omega Psi Phi L0485 235 East Ferry 1978 X
Detroit Orchestra Hall S0323 3711 Woodward 1979 X
Detroit Orsel McGhee House L0486 4626 Seebaldt St 1983 X
Detroit Dr. Ossian Sweet / Home S0461 2905 Garland at Charlevoix 2004 X
Detroit Packard Motor Car Company S0546 1580 East Grand Blvd 1982 M
Detroit Paradise Valley S0680 St. Antoine near Ford Field 2003 X
Detroit Pewabic Pottery / Mary Chase Perry Stratton S0716 10125 East Jefferson 2008 X
Detroit The Players L1262 3321 East Jefferson Ave 1987 X
Detroit Port Huron to Mackinac Race S0734A 100 Clairpointe Street 2015 X
Detroit Ransom Eli Olds S0658 Belle Isle, Picnic shelter On Central Way between Casino, Wayne and Muse Roads 1997 X
Detroit Recreation Park L1426 Brush Street Mall Behind Harper Hospital 1987 X
Detroit Redford Cemetery L1317 15884 Telegraph Rd 1988 X
Detroit Redford Theatre L1582 17354 Lahser Rd. 1970 X
Detroit Religious of the Sacred Heart L1157 South of East Jefferson Between Beaubien and St. Antoine 1984 X
Detroit Rev. John Lemke L0800 St. Albertus Church 1981 M
Detroit Robert Pauli Scherer S0563 67 Kirby St 1984 X
Detroit Sacred Heart Parish L0632 1000 Eliot 1978 X
Detroit St. Albertus Church L0333 4231 St. Aubin 1975 X
Detroit St. Anthony Church L1247 St. Anthony Pl and Sheridan Ave 1986 X
Detroit St. Antoine YMCA Site L0442 635 Elizabeth St 1980 X
Detroit St. Elizabeth Church L1061 3138 East Canfield 1985 X
Detroit St. Hyacinth Catholic Church L1592 3151 Farnsworth Ave 2008 X
Detroit St. John's Episcopal Church L1421 Woodward Avenue at Fisher Freeway 1988 X
Detroit St. John's Presbyterian Church L1781 1961 E. Lafayette 1991 X
Detroit St. Joseph's Parish L0204 1828 Jay St. 1974 X
Detroit St. Josaphat Roman Catholic Church Complex L1281 715 East Canfield 1987 X
Detroit St. Mary's Church L0686A Near 646 Monroe 1980 X
Detroit St. Mary's Rectory L0686B Near 646 Monroe 1980 X
Detroit St. Mary's School L0686C Near 646 Monroe 1980 X
Detroit St. Matthew's Episcopal Church L0447 2019 St. Antoine 1976 M
Detroit St. Philip's Lutheran Church L1579 2884 East Grand Blvd. 1988 M
Detroit SS. Peter and Paul Church S0325 629 East Jefferson 1974 X
Detroit The Salvation Army S0646 Median of Randolph Street at Congress 1993 X
Detroit Scarab Club L0332 217 Farnsworth, east of DIA 1999 X
Detroit Schwankovsky Temple of Music L0847 1500 Woodward Avenue 1982 X
Detroit Seabiscuit S0693 State Fair Grounds 2006 X
Detroit Second Baptist Church L0346 441 Monroe 1975 X
Detroit Shrine Circus S0552 Median of Randolph Street at Larned 1963 X
Detroit Sidney D. Miller Middle School L1358 2322 DuBois 2005 X
Detroit State Savings Bank S0536 151 West Fort Street 1982 X
Detroit Stearns Telephone S0303 511 Woodward 1977 X
Detroit Stroh Brewery S0475 Gratiot Avenue 1976 M
Detroit Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church L0334 4440 Russell Street 1981 X
Detroit Thompson Home L0358 4756 Cass Ave 1976 X
Detroit Tiger Stadium S0470 The corner of Michigan and Trumbull 1977 X
Detroit Treaty of Spring Wells S0733 Fort Wayne Historical Site - Jefferson Ave. 2015 X
Detroit Trinity Lutheran Church L0925 1345 Gratiot Ave 1982 X
Detroit United Sound Systems Recording Studios S0744 5840 Second St. 2017 X
Detroit University of Michigania S0072 Behind 500 Woodward on Congress 2001 X
Detroit War of 1812 Dead S0242 Washington Boulevard and Michigan Avenue 1964 X
Detroit Wayne State University S0116 Cass and Warren In front of 'Old Main' 1958 X
Detroit West Canfield Historic District S0311A West Canfield at Second Ave 1990 X
Detroit West Canfield Historic District S0311B West Canfield and Third Street 1990 X
Detroit WGPR-TV S0738 3146 East Jefferson 2015 X
Detroit Wheeler Center L0441 637 Brewster St 1978 X
Detroit William Ferguson Homesite S0451 Alfred between St, Antoine and the Chrysler service Dr. 1975 X
Detroit William Lambert Homesite L0363 Larned, East of St. Aubin 1975 X
Detroit Women's City Club of Detroit L0647 2110 Park St. 1980 X
Detroit Zion Lodge No. 1, F. & A. M. S0255 500 Temple Avenue 1964 X
Detroit Zion Lutheran Church {Detroit] L1626 4305 Military Avenue 1990 X
Flat Rock Cornelius G. Munger General Store L1798 Munger Ln. Gibralter and Evergreen 1995 X
Flat Rock The Ford Lamp Factory Complex L2198 26601 W. Huron River Drive 2008 X
Garden City Henry Ford's Honeymoon House S0527 29825 Beechwood Avenue 1981 X
Garden City A Nankin Pioneer L0041 Warren Rd and Sunset Dr 1965 X
Gibralter Battle of Brownstown S0100 14473 Middle Gibralter Rd 1958 X
Grosse Ile Angus Keith House L1693 9510 Horse Mill Rd. 1991 X
Grosse Ile Colonel Brodhead's Office L0577 20604 East River Rd. 1980 X
Grosse Ile Eighteenth Century Gristmill Site L0051 East River Rd. 1965 X
Grosse Ile Mansion House & Survey Tree L0035 20722 East River Road 1964 X
Grosse Ile Military Outpost 1815-1817 L0023 East River Rd. 1962 X
Grosse Ile The Rucker-Stanton House L1280 21719 West River Road 1987 X
Grosse Ile St. James Episcopal Chapel L0122 25159 East River Road 1981 X
Grosse Ile St. Anne Church / St. Anne Chapel L2275 21508 E River Rd 2015 X
Grosse Pointe Lewis E. Maire Elementary School L2008 740 Cadieux 1997 X
Grosse Pointe Farms Grosse Pointe High School L1882 11 Grosse Pte Blvd 1993 X
Grosse Pointe Park Defer Elementary School L1995 15425 Kercheval 2001 X
Grosse Pointe Woods Fractional District No. 9 School L1076 20025 Mack Plaza 2008 X
Grosse Pte Farms Grosse Pointe Academy L0523 171 Lake Shore Drive 1977 X
Grosse Pte Farms Grosse Pointe Farms Sewage Pumping Station L1887 305 Chalfonte 1993 X
Grosse Pte Farms Grosse Pointe Farms Water Filtration Plant L1888 29 Moross Rd. 1993 X
Grosse Pte Farms The Grosse Pointe Memorial Church L1739 16 Lake Shore Drive 1991 X
Grosse Pte Farms Pere Gabriel Richard Elementary School L1865 176 McKinley Ave. 1994 X
Grosse Pte Farms Russell A. Alger House "The Moorings" S0548 32 Lake Shore Drive 1983 X
Grosse Pte Farms Saint Paul Catholic Church and Rectory L1878a 157 Lake Shore Rd. 1993 X
Grosse Pte Farms Saint Paul Catholic School and Convent L1878b 170 Grosse Pointe Blvd. 1993 X
Grosse Pte Park Fox Indian Massacre S0502 Lakepointe and Windmill Pointe Drive 1977 X
Grosse Pte Park Voigt-Kreit House / Voight on Public Education L0923 16004 East Jefferson 1982 X
Grosse Pte Park Wardwell House S0487 16109 East Jefferson 1981 X
Grosse Pte Woods Children's Home of Detroit L1237 900 Cook Road 1986 X
Hamtramck Colonel John Francis Hamtramck S0252 Joseph Campau Between Berres and Dan Streets 1978 X
Hamtramck Dodge Brothers / Dodge Main L2188 Veterans Memorial Park, Joseph Campau St. 2007 X
Hamtramck Hamtramck Stadium S0731 Veterans Memorial Park 2014 X
Hamtramck Saint Florian Church / Historic District L2189 Florian Street Between Brombach and Latham 2007 X
Hamtramck Saint Francis Hospital L1493 3401 Evaline 2000 X
Highland Park Birthplace of Model T S0003A Woodward North of the Davison Freeway 1956 X
Highland Park Chrysler Corporation S0282 12000 Oakland Avenue 1969 X
Highland Park Highland Park Plant S0003B NE Corner of Woodward and Manchester 1997 X
Lincoln Park Council Point / Pontiac's Council S0728 Council Point Park 2013 X
Lincoln Park Lincoln Park Post Office L2156 1335 Southfield Rd. 2006 X
Livonia Clarenceville School District / Louis E. Schmidt Auditorium S0672 20155 Middlebelt Road 2001 X
Livonia Joshua Simmons Farm L0139 38125 Eight Mile Road 1997 X
Livonia Livonia Revolutionary War Veterans L0395 Wayne and West Seven Mile 1977 X
Livonia Newburg Methodist Church L1922 36500 Ann Arbor Trail 1995 X
Livonia Newburgh Cemetery L0036 36000 Ann Arbor Trail 1964 X
Livonia Wilson Barn L0261 Middlebelt at West Chicago Road 1974 X
Melvindale Reves-Wilhelm Cemetery L0025 Wall Street between Oakwood Blvd and Greenfield Rd. 1963 X
Northville Detroit Edison Company Building L1778 200 N. Center St. 1995 X
Northville First Presbyterian Church of Northville L1665 200 East Main 1989 X
Northville Mill Race Historical Village L1427 Griswold Street 1989 X
Plymouth Baker House L0874 223 South Main St. 1986 X
Plymouth Charles G. Curtiss House L1917 168 S. Union St. 1994 X
Plymouth Plymouth L0637 201 South Main St. 1979 X
Plymouth Sutherland House L1377 1142 South Main St. 1987 X
Redford Redford Township District No. 5 School L1991 18499 Beech Daly 1994 X
Redford Township Redford Township School District No. 9 L1826 12259 Beech Daly Rd. 1991 X
Rockwood Pointe Mouillee Marsh L1722 37205 Mouillee Road 1990 X
Rockwood State Police Post L1340 32409 Fort Street 1987 X
Romulus Merrill-Morris House L0606 13880 Huron River Drive 1980 X
Taylor Oak Grove Burying Ground L1524 Burr Avenue south of Van Born 2000 X
Taylor Sandhill Cemetery L1523 SE of Telegraph at Pardee Road 2000 X
Taylor Taylor Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery L1740 22395 Eureka Road 2001 X
Taylor Taylor Township Cemetery L1487 NE corner Golden Ridge and McKinley 2000 X
Trenton Battle of Monguagon / Michigan Wyandot and Monguagon S0199 3524 West Jefferson 1962 X
Trenton Detroit River / Recovery S0704 5437 W. Jefferson Ave. 2007 X
Trenton Wagstaff - Duddleston Home L1305 2576 Riverside Drive 1987 X
Van Buren Township French Landing Dam and Powerhouse L0998 12100 Haggerty Rd. 1983 X
Wayne First Congregational Church L2053 Wayne Road at Main Street 1999 X
Wayne Johnson's Tavern S0296 35118 West Michigan Avenue 1969 X
Wayne Old Wayne Village Hall L1347 405 East Main St. 1987 X
Westland Annapolis Park Historic District S0700 Middlebelt Rd at Hanover Blvd 2006 X
Westland Chief Tonquish Burial Site L0426 Wayne Road at Fountain (south of Ann Arbor Tr) 1977 X
Westland Cooper School L1578 28611 Ann Arbor Trail 1987 X
Westland Eloise S0699 30712 Michigan Ave 2007 X
Westland Nankin Mills L0068 33175 Ann Arbor Trail 1977 X
Westland Nankin Township School District No. 3 L1905 6420 N. Newburgh Rd. 1994 X
Westland Norwayne Subdivision S0730 32150 Dorsey St 2014 X
Westland Perrinsville L0423 Ann Arbor Trail East of Merriman 1977 X
Westland Perrinsville School L1996 31755 Cowan Road @ Warren 1997 X
Wyandotte America's First Bessemer Steel Mill S0158 Van Alsyne Blvd at Elm 1958 X
Wyandotte Gustave Mehlhose House L1816 367 Oak Street 1997 X
Wyandotte Louis Mehlhose House L1912 355 Oak Street 1997 X
Wyandotte Michigan Alkali Company L1790 1609 Biddle, corner of Clark 1992 X
Wexford Cadillac Caberfae Ski Resort L1601 Caberfae Road 1988 X
Cadillac Cadillac Carnegie Library L0856 127 Beech St. 1982 X
Cadillac Charles T. Mitchell House L1434 118 North Shelby 1988 X
Cadillac Clam Lake Canal L1639 6093 M-115 1990 X
Cadillac Cobbs & Mitchell Building L0782 100 East Chapin 1981 X
Cadillac Cobbs and Mitchell Mill No.1 L1428 329 South Street 1987 X
Cadillac Shay Locomotive L0528 Cass Street 1987 X
Greenwood Township Greenwood Disciples of Christ Church L1730 7303 North Thirty Five Mile 1990 X
Manton Battle of Manton L0079 US-131 1970 X
Sherman First Wexford County Courthouse L0074 M-37 1 mile north of M-55 1969 X
1870 markers