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Hailed by Michigan citizens as a proud symbol of their young and growing state, this building was dedicated on January 1, 1879. National publications praised its scandal-free construction, which took six years and its thrifty $1.43 million budget. After 110 years of aging and intense use, it was restored (1989-1992) to its former elegance, It is recognized for its unparalleled decorative paintings, for establishing the domed capital as an American icon, and for launching the national career of its architect Elijah E. Myers of Detroit. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1992.
a photo of State Capitol Michigan's Three Capitols
This building is the third to serve as the seat of Michigan state government. When Michigan entered the Union, the territorial courthouse and capitol in Detroit became the first state capitol. Ten years later, the legislature moved the seat of state government to densely wooded, sparsely populated Lansing Township in Ingham County. The hastily built, two story wood-frame building with a tin cupola served as Michigan's second capitol until late in 1878. Of Michigan's three capitols, only the third survives; the first two were destroyed by fire.

Note: The original marker has been replaced twice, in 1980 and again in 2015. The original marker is currently on permanent loan to the Michigan Magazine Museum in Comins, Michigan where it is displayed prominently.

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Registered Site HB01
Erected 1957

Location: Michigan State Capitol
Lansing, Ingham County

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